Kasauti Zindagi Ki update: Prerna declares her love for Anurag

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18 December 2019 episode update, Kasauti Zindagi Ki latest news

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 on Star Plus. It would be seen that Anupam finds out the truck driver who was responsible for Prerna’s accident.

He follows the driver to an isolated old mill and informs Anurag to reach there. Anurag rushes out of home while Komolika thinks that he has left for work. Komolika also plan to leave the house to meet the driver who is blackmailing Rohit and her. However, Mohini stops her from leaving after listening to a pandit who tells Mohini about bad omen and all family members should stay at home only. Komolika fails to leave from the house and gets angry on Mohini. She informs Ronit that she cannot leave the house. Ronit tells her that he will handle the problem.

Prerna comes to Basu house to confront Komolika. She slaps Komolika for trying to kill her baby and warns her to face a mother’s wrath next time if she tries to harm her baby. Mohini comes and gets upset with Prerna for insulting Komolika. Prerna declares to Mohini and Komolika that she loves Anurag and will never leave from his life. She tells Mohini nthat she cannot give up on her love when Anurag is fighting alone for their relationship while being unaware of the truth.

Anurag find the truck driver and try to catch him as he tries to escape. He sees Ronit too and gets flashback of his fight with Ronit in the factory. Will Anurag regain his lost memory? We will have to wait and watch!

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