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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13 September 2019 Written Update: Masi plans to break up Anurag Prerna forever

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Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay (Kasauti Zindagi Ki) on Star Plus. Mohini humiliates Mr. Bajaj and Prerna and blames them to be evil people who can kill people. She tells them that they make a good pair as they both are evil and criminal persons.

Prerna remains silent as she knows that Mohini’s anger is justified since Mr. Bajaj is responsible for Anurag’s accident and left him injured on the road. She takes the insult by Mohini while Mr. Bajaj takes a stand for his wife and strongly opposes Mohini.

Mr. Bajaj tells Mohini that Prerna has come to see Anurag as she wants him to recover. He tells her that Prerna has a good heart which is filled wi love and care for everyone. Mr. Bajaj admits his mistake of hitting Anurag by his car. This upsets Mohini even more. Bajaj accepts his mistake and apologizes. Nivedita asks Bajaj him if Anurag will get fine by his sorry.

Further, Basu family get angry with Bajaj’s rude attitude. They thinks that he has done a crime is even threatening them. Basusu calls the police in order to get him arrested. However, Mr. Bajaj plays smart and reports the accident to the police in advance. The police get easy with Bajaj as he didn’t escape from the blames. Mohini tells the police to arrest Mr. Bajaj by taking Shivani’s statement. Mr. Bajaj is ready to help the police. Shivani gives her statement and tells the cops she didn’t see the accident happened and had just heard it from the people. Bajaj does not get arrested as there is no proof against him. Nivedita gets angry and blames the cops for favoring Mr. Bajaj as he is rich and influential.

Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna that he is ready to accept punishment if he is proven guilty. Mohini’s hatred for Prerna increases even more after seeing her support Bajaj. more hatred for Prerna. She requests the doctors to take Anurag home. Moloy is shattered to see his son Anurag in a bad state. When Anurag’s condition worsens and the family get much tensed.

Maasi discusses with Tanvi about her next plan to make Prerna leave Mr. Bajaj and go back to Anurag. They want to keep Prerna away from Anurag so that she is forced by her heart to go back to Anurag. Maasi tells Prerna that she should be away from Anurag and his family. She also tells Mr. Bajaj that Prerna and Anurag should be away and asks him to throw Basu family. She tells him to bring Prerna to senses as her first duty is to just tale care of his daughter Sneha. Mr. Bajaj gets brainwashed by Maasi.

Prerna finds out that Anurag is critical and can go slip in coma if he get consciousness. She worried that she may lose him forever. She remembers her past love memories with Anurag and is in tears. She expresses her feelings for Anurag to Mr. Bajaj.

Maasi thinks of a new plan to get Tanvi and Anurag together so that Prerna loses her love.

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