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Kavach 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Kawach Written Update

Colors serial Kawach 02.07.2016 Written Episode WU

Manjulika’s mother Sudamini via portrait tells her that she has to find a key and free her soul from big suitcase. She asks if she remembers how she was tortured and goes into flasback where Bundela family captures her and confines her in a big suticase. Eunuch lady Dev bala locks suitcase and gives key to daadi and says nobody should open this suitcase and if they open it, Sudamini’s soul will come out and will destroy everything. Sudamini comes out of flashback and asks Manjulika again to get key at any cost and free her to take revenge from Bundela family.

Manjulika in Pari’s body brings Sudamini’s portrait out and fixes it in main hall. Natasha records video to show it to family. In the morning, family sees portrait in hall and mom shouts who fixed it here. Natasha
says Pari fixed it. Pari says she did not. Natasha says she is lying, so she recorded her video and gives her mobile to Shakti. Shakti checks itand says it is blank. Family scolds Natasha and removes Sudamini’s portrait from hall to bury it. Manjulika shouts at Pari to stop them. Pari stands silently. Manjulika holds portrait. Rajbeer’s father and uncle try to pick portrait but cannot. Daadi asks Saroj to bring lemon and holy thread from temple. She brings it. They both tie holy thread around portrait, pick it and bury it in ground. Manjulika continues shouting not to bury her mother’s portrait.

Manjulika goes to Pari’s room and tortures her for not saving her mother’s portrait and orders her to get key. Pari says no. She continue torturing and says she herself will get it once she enters her body. She then tortures Tipsy and flies her in air. Tipsy calls Pari forhel. Pari rushes to save her and agrees to get key.

In th morning, Rajbeer works on laptop while Manjulika looks at him. Pari brings him tea and he tries to get romantic. She hesitates. He says she gets very romantic at night and gives him love bites and changes like split personality in the morning. Manjulika says she gave him love bites. Pari reads on laptop that evil spirits are afraid of garlic. She brings garlic and throws around Manjulika. Manjulika acts as afraid. Pari runs out and asks Saroj to give her keys. Saroj says she does not know what she is taking about. Pari says Sudamini’s daughter Manjulika possesses her body and tortures her a lot and needs to destroy key before Manjulika possesses her body at 7 p.m. Saroj says she knew something is wrong and is worried about her. She goes to temple and takes out key reminiscing daadi giving key to her as nobody will doubt her. Pari goes back to her room and sees Manjulika laughing. Manjulika eats garlic and says she likes garlic a lot and says her internet solution will not harm her and says she is bad evil spirt and is not afraid of anything. Pari says she will not get key at any cost. Manjulika tortures her and enters her body at 7 p.m.

Saroj runs with key toward temple. She sees temple nearby and prays god that she is coming. Suddenly, she sees old haveli instead. Manjulika in Pari’s body comes there flying and blows tornado on Saroi. Saroj falls far away. Manjulika then takes key and goes to haveli and opens her mom’s suitcase grave. Sudamini comes out of grave and says she came out after 30 years and now will destroy Bundela family now. Manjulika jumps on her back and they both shout in happiness. Eunuch lady senses this and says evil spirit came out and will destroy everything. She calls her soldiers and asks them to be alert. Sudamini closes her door. Eunuch lady asks her soldiers to chant hanuman chalisa 108 times to open door and prays hanumanji to help her. Sudamini shouts she will not spare Bhairavnath.

Pari wakes up in the morning and finds herself in room. She reminisces Manjulika warning her that she will enter her body and free her mom’s soul herself. She beats herself to get Manjulika out, but Manjulika does not come. Manjulika is seen between puppets in jungle and warns them to keep quiet as she wants to sleep. Pari thinks only Saroj can tell what happened last night. Sudamini is seen possessing Saroj’s body.

Precap: Sudamini shows Bundela family’s 5 members and 4 others to Manjulika and says she will take revenge from them all. She in Saroj’s body troubles family and orders Saroj via mirror.


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