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Kavach Written Episode 03 July 2016, Kawach Written Update WU

Colors serial Kavach written update 03.07.2016

Pari searches Saroj in whole haveli and does not find her. She searches her in temple, then mom’s room and does not even even family. She thinks where are everyone. Whole family comes suddenly and wishes her happy birthday. Nammo dadi and Pari’s mom also come to surprise her. Daadi hugs her and tells her husband is very romantic. Pari cuts cake and searches Saroj. Saroj comes and Pari asks what happened yesterday, if she freed Manjulika’s mom’s soul with key. Saroj gives her key. She happy runs to keep it in temple and keeps it under devi maa’s idol thanking her. She then tells Rajbeer to take her for shopping. He asks her to get ready then. She goes to bathroom happily to change clothes when Manjulika comes in mirror and laughs. Pari says her plan failed and
her mother is still in suitcase grave. Pari runs out. Manjulika comes on bed and says she has a surprise waiting.

Rajbeer comes and Manjulika gets invisible. Rajbeer says he needs a kiss as birthday reward and kisses her forehead and moves towards lips when she pushes him. He says she acts weird, if she is ready for shopping at least. Pari says there are not going anywhere. He angrily walks out. Rajbeer goes out and his uncle and dad ask why is he looking angy. Rajbeer says Pari’s mood swings, she wanted to for shopping and then dinner with family at night, but now does not want to go for shopping. Uncle says all women are same, it is difficult to handle them. His wife comes and fumes on him. He gets nervous and starts buttering her. She angrily leaves warning him. Jagath/dad laughs that both bhatija and chacha are at receiving end today.

Manjulika goes to store room and calls her mother. Saroj comes there. Manulika angrily asks what is she doing here, how come she is alive when she already pulled her tongue and killed her. Sudadmini speaks from Saroj’s body. Manulika gets happy seeing her mother in Saroj. Sudamini says she will use Saroj’s body to take revenge from Bundela family, she waited for this moment since 30 years. She wanted Manjulika to marry Rajbeer, but she herself was killed by Pari. She laughs describing how Manjulika tortures Pari now. She further says she is not bound with restricts and can even either dead or live bodies, now she will get Jagath this time.

Janaki gets ready in her room. Sudamini in Saroj’s body comes and smiles. Janaki sees her and asks her to help her dorn necklace. Saroj tigthens necklace too much and Janaki says she is suffocating. Saroj apologizes. Janaki picks sindhoor to apply on her forehead. Sudamini angrily fumes that Jagath is only hers and blows sindhoor with her evil powers. Sindhoor falls down. Janaki asks her to close window. She sees shadow walking in room and writing on mirror with sindhoor that she came back. She panics and calls Saroj. Saroj comes back and asks what happened. She says she has come back and points at mirror. Sudamini wipes it and says there is nothing on mirror. Janaki panics, asks to refill sindhoor box, and leaves. Sudamini takes sindhoor from mirror and applies it.

Pari changes her clothes and thinks why Manjulika said she has surprise waiting, what if she just wanted to separate her from Rajbeer. Manjulika comes and says only she can love Rajbeer and enters her body at 7 p.m. Rajbeer comes. Manjulika in Pari’s body lures him and romances. Rajbeer submits himself and says he knew she was just joking.

Janaki applies soap to her face and water stops. She calls Saroj for help and wipes soap with towel. Sudamini with her evil powers pushes her and she falls down hittting her forehead to wall. Family rushes and nurses her wound. She says something weird is happening. Jagath says they will cancel dinner outing then. Janaki insists everyone to go for Pari’s happiness. Manjulika in Pari’s body smirks.

Family goes to restaurant. A bit of jokergiri of youngters is shown. Sudamini calls Manjulika to come back to haveli to frighten Janaki. Pari says she needs to go bathroom and leaves. She reaches home. Jananki hears ghungroo sound and gets afraid that it is same music and ghungroo on which Sudamini used to dance. She goes to hall and is shocked to see Pari dancing. She says Saroj she knows who use to dance on this tune like this. Sudamini in Saroj’s body says yes. Janaki says Pari that well cultured family bahus don’t dance like this. Pari frightens her with evil white eyes. She runs to bathroom and calls Raveer and asks to come soon. Rajveer hears her distraught voice and informs family that something is wrong at house. Sudamini sends back Manjulika in Pari’s body back to hotel. Rajbeer knocks bathroom door and is about to break it when Pari opens door. He asks what was she doing so long. She says her earring fell down, so she was searching it. He says mom is in trouble and they need to rush back home. Pari smirks and leaves with family.

Family reaches home and sees Janaki shivering in fear. She says Sudamini came back and she saw weird things, even Pari was dancing like Sudamini and frightened her. Pari says she was with family in restaurant, how can she come here. Jagath says Janaki, she must have got a bad dream. Janak sits confused and thinks if she really saw all the incidents happened.

Precap: Eunuch lady says Sudamini’s soul has come back and will take revenge from Bundela family. Manjulika in Pari’s body frightens Janaki. Enuch lady says they have to capture back Sudmani’s soul before it is destroy. Flashback of how Sudamini’s soul is captured by Bundela family is shown. Sudamini’s soul says she will get Jagath at any cost this time.


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