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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai Written Episode 19 March 2017 KLKAH Written Update

Star Plus serial Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 19th March 2017 Written Update Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 19.03.2017 Written Episode 

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 19 March 2017 episode starts with Geetanjali asking Rajveer will he marry her. Rajveer says I need to talk to you, come with me. He takes her out. Priyam gets angry. Rajveer asks what’s all this, what are you doing, suddenly marriage talk. She says I m asking simple thing, do you want to marry me or not. He says its marriage, not a joke, I think you are deciding in hurry. She says we know each other since 14 years, you love me, you need time? He says you need time, I still love you, I m happy that you are talking of marriage, but think again. She says I don’t want to think, I decided. He asks will you be able to love me, I know you don’t love me, else I would have seen in your eyes, I can wait for more 14 years, but I don’t want to marry without love.

She cries and says I m scared of love, does eternal love really exist or not. She thinks of old lady’s words and runs. Rajveer asks where are you going. Geetanjali goes to meet the old lady. The banjaran women dance. The old lady say everyone will get mixed in this soil. Geetanjali says love never ends. The old lady laughs and says none gets love, its such thirst which never ends, humans run after love and miss the path. She says its like footprint, it will be seen and disappear, look at the footprint in the sand, I know you will not stop and follow your love, be careful, don’t lose focus.

Geetanjali runs after footprints. She sees Abhimanyu away. She stops and thinks if I run after Abhimanyu, everyone will be ruined, Abhimanyu is gone, he will ever come back. Abhimanyu asks her to come, swear on love. She says no, I can’t come, I can’t cross this storm, there is a difference between your and my world. He asks her not to go. Geetanjali leaves from there. He shouts Gaura.

Priyam wakes up and goes out. He sees a party going on in haveli. Choti Maa introduces the guests. The guests bless Geetanjali, that this time Lord should keep her husband safe. Kavya says guess who came. Geetanjali asks who. Kavya shows Geetanjali’s friend. Geetanjali hugs her and is glad that her friend came form US. Her friend says you agreed for marriage after long time, I m so happy, where is the groom. Rajveer’s relatives come and say Rajveer’s parents are abroad, we are his officer’s wives. The lady says we have to take foot size to take anklet. Geetanjali keeps foot forward. The lady says you are already wearing anklet. Choti Maa asks her to remove anklet. Geetanjali recalls Abhimanyu’s words. The lady asks is there any problem. Geetanjali says no, and is about to remove anklet.

Priyam shouts stop and comes downstairs. He asks her not to remove anklet. Choti Maa says he is Priyam, Geetanjali’s friend’s son, he came here to stay for few days. Priyam says she is my Gaura. Geetanjali removes anklet and keeps aside. The lady takes her foot size. Everyone congratulate. Priyam runs upstairs. Choti Maa asks Chanda to give sweets to everyone. Sevakram says I will not stay in this house, there are many spirits. Baba meets him. Sevakram says I m leaving the haveli. Baba says you don’t know you have magnet to attract ghosts to you. Sevakram asks what shall I do. Baba says I got a solution, you have to do what I say.

Kavya tells everything to Geetanjali’s friend Khushi. She says who will explain Geetanjali, she thinks Abhimanyu returned as Priyam, so she is made to marry Rajveer to come out of this superstitions. Khushi asks how did Rishabh agree, how did Priyam know everything, I think I have seen Priyam somewhere. Geetanjali runs to her room and cries. Priyam comes to her and gives anklet. She hugs him and cries. Little girls ask her to come with them and take her. They make Geetanjali blindfold and play game with her. Geetanjali holds everyone’s face and guesses names. Abhimanyu comes there. He says I have come back to you, why are you going away. He holds her through the curtain. She hears the whistle. Its Priyam at the other side of curtain.

Rajveer comes and meets Choti Maa and Rishabh. Rishabh thanks him. Rajveer says don’t thank, I love Gitanjlai since long. Khushi says Rajveer looks good, does he deserve Geetanjali. Kavya says he is a nice guy, question is, does Geetanjali deserve Rajveer or not. Khushi says what’s wrong with you, why are you making Geetanjali down for him. Kavya goes. Khushi says there are many secrets hidden. Kavya and other servant laugh seeing Sevakram. He applies red color on face and goes in party. Kavya and Khushi call him chimpanzee. He sees Chotu Maa and runs.

He sees Rishabh smiling and says he never smiled before, what happened, is he ghost. He prays. He goes to Rishabh and asks who are you. Rishabh says Sevakram, you ill mannered, you will talk this way. Sevarkram says you are scolding like Rishabh, you maybe big ghost. Rishabh beats him up. Sevakram runs. Rishabh looks for him. He holds a girl’s legs and shouts Geetanjali. He feels more people hanging and calls them. Everyone come to him. He says there are many bodies there. They all see the puppets. Rishabh says no, it were bodies.

Khushi says don’t know how did this happen. Rajveer says its fine, come. Priyam asks Rishabh who is Ragini. Everyone sit and see the puppet skit. Ek haseena thi…..plays……… Abhimanyu and Geetanjali’s story is shown. Geetanjali recalls Abhimanyu and cries. Priyam comes and says yes, I have come to pay the Karz, I came to tell you something, my accident did not happen, I was murdered. They all get shocked. He says my car did not fall in river because of rain, the brakes were failed, someone is there who wanted to separate us, someone took your Abhimanyu’s life.

Geetanjali asks was Abhimanyu murdered. The guests gossip. Rishabh says he is lying. Priyam says I m not lying, Rishabh knows this, Gaura believes me. Choti Maa says it was an accident, don’t trust him, he wants to stop your engagement. Rishabh says don’t be mad, police investigated, it was not a murder, this engagement will not stop. He asks Kavya to take Priyam inside. He asks Choti Maa to take ring and make Rajveer wear it. Geetanjali wears Rajveer’s hand. Priyam says I know why you are doing this, its good for you, you can marry again and forget Abhimanyu, how can I forget someone took Abhimanyu’s life, I will find out who did that, even if you support me or not. He goes. Geetanjali cries.


Geetanjali reminds Priyam the morning when Abhimanyu went to army unit, try to recall what happened 


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