Krishna Chali London Gossips: Radhe to die, Gaurav Sareen to EXIT

Krishna Chali London latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s shocking news for the loyal fans of Star Plus popular serial Krishna Chali London ( Parin Multimedia).

According to latest reports, viewers will have to gear up for a BIG twist in the story line with death of Radhey (essayed by Gaurav Sareen). It is heard that Radhey’s death will bring a major turning point in the show. Radhey will meet with an accident in London. Radhe will die and with this shocking twist, Gaurav’s character will come to an end and the actor will make an exit from the show.

In the current track of the show, we have seen that wherein Radhe and Krishna (Megha Chakroborthy) are in London. The lovely couple have come closer and Radhey has tried all that he can to help Krishna study further and fulfill her dreams. Also, we have seen new entry of actor Karan Vohra (last seen in Zindagi Ki Mehek) as the cardiologist, Dr. Veer who is giving a tough time to Kirshna. Now, as per reports, post Radhe’s death, Krishna will bring his body home to India. and the story ahead will revolve around Krishna and Veer.

In an interview with a leading daily, Gaurav has confirmed the new that he will be leaving the show. He shared “Being part of Krishna Chali London has been an amazing experience. As an actor, I have got to learn a lot. I can say that I have come out of it as a better actor. I have no complaints with this development. Every show has its own graph in story line which brings in a lot of twists.”

“I thank our Producer Saurabh Tewari for giving me this wonderful opportunity of being part of the show. Yesterday, I met everyone in the cast and crew on set and bid adieu. I have promised them that I will drop by at the set when I am free,” added Gaurav.

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