Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update: Mia to record Kulfi and Sikander’s emotional outburst for TRP

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala latest news and upcoming twists

Tellydhamaal had earlier reported that fans of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will have to gear up for an high voltage emotional drama during the Grand Finale of Little Superstar competition.

Kulfi and Amyra will be up against each other to win the singing competition. Mia, the show producer will manage to convince Sikander to make a special appearance and encourage the kids. Sikander agrees and thinks of surprising Amyra.

Both Kulfi and Amyra are shocked when Sikander is called on the stage. Amyra thinks Sikander didn’t keep his promise, while Kulfi is behind her mask and Sikander is unaware that Amyra and Kulfi are competing against each other in the competition. Amyra is sure that Sikander will recognize KKulfi’s voice and gets tensed. Sikander tells her not to worry and give her best and to sing from her heart. Kulfi gets scared to perform in front of Sikander. Mia tracks Kulfi’s reaction and highlights it for her advantage. Kulfi gets nervous but she gains strength for the sake of her friends. As Kulfi begins to sing, Sikander recognizes her voice is very much shocked. Mia sees Sikander in tears and gets confident that Kulfi and Sikandar have a solid connection . Sikander is sure that the girl behind the mask is KUlfi and wonders why did his brother Mohendar lie to him. After, Kulfi’s performance, Pandit ji criticizes her singing and breaks her confidence. However, Kulfi gets a big support from the audience. The judges argue over Benaam group. Sikander is unable to see his daughter facing criticism. Kulfi leaves the stage and Sikander follows her. Mia decides to record Kulfi and Sikander’s conversation and find out their relationship truth.

Kulfi and Sikander will have a big emotional confrontation. It will be interesting to see if the father and daughter will reunite or there will be another twist.

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