Home TV Kumkum Bhagya 28 August 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 28 August 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya 28 Aug 2018 Written Update

Today’s (28.08.2018) Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Robin reveals to Tanu that Kiara had witnessed the murder of John, she gets tensed, Tanu says earlier, Pragya and now this Kiara is my problem, i hate you Kiara, she says i have to do something.

Everyone in Abhi’s place is tensed that the cops are coming home, Aaliya asks them what happened, she says if Pragya is again hospitalized, Disha says Pragya’s enemy should be hospital, She tells Disha to keep quiet, Mitali tells her that police is coming home.

Inspector comes with other cops and Abhi too. Inspector says i am happy to see, he says i am very loyal to my duty, he says we have come here for murder investigation, which is being shown as accident, he says it was Pragya’s murder attempt that happened during Disha and Purab’s party, he asks why did she come here, Abhi says Tanu had invited her, Inspector says yoo and King are Rivals, they why invite them, he says you sister too was involved in this rivalry, Aaliya says it could be another enemy, Inspector says, but she was invited to your party, that why we are asking, he says don’t you want to catch the culprit, Abhi says i want to catch the culprit more than you, inspector asks why do you have concern for a rival’s wife, Tanu comes there, cops asks if this woman is your wife.

Inspector tells constable to check for fingerprints. Tanu recollects she had touched many things before cutting of the rope of the chandelier along with Aaliya  She is tensed.

Kiara gets ready for school, Pragya recolects Kiara telling her about being a murder witness. Pragya tells her you are a brave girl, to talk to the police, but now she does not have to talk about it anymore.

Cops collects fingerprints. They find the rope which was cut. Abhi remembers King’s wonder that it was not accident, the chandelier was purposely made to fall, the cop tells Tanu to come with her for investigation, Abhi think what if tanu wanted to kill Pragya.

Inspector asks Tanu questions, he asks tanu, if abhi has feelings for pragya, tanu denies, cops says, i have seen it, tanu says, abhi respects all women, he asks who did mishap with pragya, she says i don’t know, cop says, may be someone was so angry with pragya, out of anger he /she tried to kill her, he says i have seen fear in your eyes and hence i have doubts on you, she says what rubbish are you talking. He says you are acting, but i have caught you, i have my first suspect, and hopefully last.

King asks Pragya why is she stopping kiara from saying anything to anyone, she says i don;t want to talk about it, she says everyone is hiding things from, why are you doing it, i can understand that Mehra family is silent, why are you, Pragya says nothing, He says it serious matter, Kiara can help punish the murderer. He says someone tried to kill you and the guy who knows the culprit has murdered. Pragya says  i don’t want to tell the world that Kiara is my daughter, she would be taken away from me. Pragya says if someone tries to kill me, what is they know she is my daughter, her life  will be in danger, Pragya is tensed for Kiara’s life and safety. King says until i am in your lives, no one will touch you or Kiara. She says you don’t understand, he asks what. King says you both are my wold, i will not let anything happen to my world.  He makes Pragya smile and says how can anybody be enemy of such a honest smile.


Aaliya asks Abhi, if he is going  to meet Pragya and curses her for bringing troubles in their lives. Abhi gets angry


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