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Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Update: Abhi and Pragya emotional reunion, Aaliya furious

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Episode Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms) on Zee TV. Aaliya hits Pragya’s cab to stop her from meeting Abhi. The people around scold Aaliya for the accident. She assures them to take the lady to the hospital for treatment. She gets shocked to see another lady and not Pragya. She misses to stop Pragya and gets worried.

Aaliya gives a man some money and tells him to take the lady to the hospital. Pragya reaches the factory to meet Abhi. She takes his car keys to stop him from leaving as she wants to confront him at any cost. Aaliya calls Abhi to lie to him about Rhea’s complications but fails to reach him. She calls the factory manager Manish and asks him to stop any leady from meeting Abhi at any cost. She asks him to switch off the main lights in the factory. Manish doesn’t understand what she meant.

Pragya meets Manish and asks for Mr. Mehra. He stops her from meeting him but she barges in. He rushes to switch off the factory lights to stop her from meeting Abhi. Pragya sees Mr. Mehra at the the machinery department and asks him to stop. The lights go off. She angrily tells him that she is Prachi’s mother and tells him not to go away by making any excuses. Abhi recognizes her voice. He recollects their painful separation.

He sheds tears knowing that Pravhi is his daughter. He feels bad for breaking ties with Prachi. Pragya is unbale to see Mr. Mehra’s face. She scolds him for being unfair to both Prachi and Rhea. Meanwhile, the raid at Abhi’s office end and the officers leave. Aaliya rushes to the office and reaches there. She bumps her car into the officer’s car and gets into an argument with them.

Pragya tells Mr. Mehra that she has given good values to Prachi and she behaves well with Rhea, because she is very loving. She tells him that Prachi can never break Ranbir and Rhea’s relation, Ranbir loves Prachi and its his choice.

She tells him not to talk about Prachi’s father who is not with her because of the situation. She says that she is proud of her values. She tells Mr. Mehra that Abhi didn’t give love to Rhea which has made her so bitter. Abhi thinks that he has failed in giving good upbringing to Rhea. She tells him that Prachi was much heartbroken with his bitter words and didn’t say anything as she was crying.

Manish informs Aaliya that he couldn’t stop the lady from going to Abhi.

Pragya reveals Rhea’s crimes to Abhi. Abhi is much shocked. She reveals to Mr. Mehra that she has the confession of the truck driver hired by Rhea to kill Prachi. She reveals that that she has slapped Rhea as she just insecure with Prachi. She does not blame Rhea, but her upbringing. She says that she didn’t file a police complaint against Rhea as he feels some connection with Rhea, she shares a strange bond. She shouts at Mr. Mehra for hurting Prachi. She says that he can only give money and not love. She says that even if he was her namesake father, how could any father hurt their daughter.

She tells him about the difference in his and her love for their daughters. She says that she has kept relation with Rhea whom she considers as her daughter, unlike him. She reveals to him how Rhea has defamed Prachi. She feels angry on Rhea. She blames Mr. Mehra for wronging Prachi’s life and breaks down.

Aaliya warns Manish not to switch on the lights. Pragya tells Mr. Mehra that she it is good that he is not Prachi’s real father. The lights get on. Pragya and Abhi get to see each other. Pragya is shocked to know that Abhi is Mr. Mehra, Rhea’s father. Her anger melts in a moment when she sees him. They both break down into tears of happiness.

Pragya asks Abhi is he is Rhea’s father. He tells Pragya that he is Rhea’s father, Mr. Mehra. He tells her that he didn’t know that Prachi is her daughter, their daughter. They both regret to break the hearts of their daughters.

Aaliya sees Abhi and Pragya them together and gets upset to see them united. Abhi and Pragya are much happy but unable to express their emotions. Abhi tells Pragya that he isn’t a good father. He tells that Rhea is stubborn, but good at heart. Aaliya overhears them. She wants to make them against by using their love for their daughters.

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