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Kumkum Bhagya- Kundali Bhagya 15 January 2018 Written Epsiode, Special Episode Written Update

Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya-Kundali Bhagya Special Episode Full Written Update

Today’s (15.01.2018) Kumkum Bhagya episode is a special episode which will see integration of Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya from 6.30 Pm to 10.30 PM. The special episode is to celebrate 1000 episodes of Kumkum Bhagya.

Here’s the highlights of the MAHA episode of Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Karan loses the opportunity to play for South Africa Cricket match due to drug racket case. Preeta comes to police station and takes the blame of drugs racket.

Abhi is t the dinner table with the family and tells everyone that this lady is not our Pragya. Disha and Purab feel bad that Pragya is through so much pain. Pragya tells Purab to be sure that he is always with Abhi during the concert.

Srishti is upset with sarla and tells her it is because of her that Preeta is in jail and she took the blame on her. Sarla is tensed about Preeta.

Karan comes back home and everyone is happy to see him. Karan informs them that preeta took the blame on herself to get him out of jail. His dadi tells him to saty away from Preeta now. Rishab is shocked to learn this.

Pragya finds out that Preeta has been jailed, she wants to go home and help her mother, she says everyone will find out in mehra House that she is real Pragya. However, she decides to go anyways.

Abhi calls Rishab and tells him that he was sure that karan will be out of jail, Rishab wishes him all the best for the concert, Abhi tells him to come at his concert. Simonica is in the car with Abhi and Purab and is happy about her plan getting successful.

Pragya comes to meet Preeta in the jail where Sherlin is talking to Preeta in her mean way. Srishti tells Pragya how Sherlin has affair with someone and Preeta wanted to expose her by following her in the club. Pragya confronts Sherlin and tells her that Preeta’s elder sister will take her out of jail.

Pragya reaches the club where Karan was arrested for drugs. She overhears the waiters that someone else also had come to check CCTV fottage. She recollects that Sherlin must have become alert when she had confront him already. She wonders may be over hear in the club she has alert someone and hopefully she can find out the truth. She reaches the CCTV footage room, Karan is holding the seciruty gaurd and asking him to tell the truth about the footage.

Pragya stops Karan from hitting the guard, Karan says Pragya Di, you are here. Pragya tells him to spare the gaurd as he will have to go to jail.

Pragy calls NGO ladies to come in support of Karan. She tells him that since she is Preeta’s sister, no one will believe her, hence the NGO ladies.  She calls a reporter to talk about her sister Preeta’s innocence. karan calls more media.

Pragya tells media that her sister is innocent and says  that even Karan Luthra is innocent. She speaks good about Karan, NGO ladies speak in support of Preeta and tells that we will give her justice. Luthra family is shocked to see Karan.

Sherlin gets a call from Kareena while Prithvi and she are celebrating their win. Kareena tellss her to watch TV as NGO is supporting Preeta, she tells Pragya is supporting Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlin see TV and karan is shown see Subhash – the security guard who was in charge of the CC TV foootage. Pragya says the police have not even asked him once to show CC TV footage, media person says the CCTV footage was missing from that day. Pragya says only the CC TV footage of the party place is missing and not the entire place, NGO ladies demand re-investigating the case. Rishab says i am proud of Preeta she has not only saved Karan but our image. rakhi tells kareena at least now please think good about Preeta. Mahesh also praises Preeta.

Prithvi and Shelrin are upset. Subhash calls Prithvi that there is too much pressure on him, he will confess the truth, prithvi tell him to confess that he has the footage with him, till then he will think of something.

Subash tells media that the footage is at his home, he will get it, Pragya tells the cops to get the footage from this guard.

Prithvi decides to morph the CCTV footage and show face of a dead person instead of him, so that the police will never find the real culprit, he says i will become a hero. Sherlin says all our efforts will go waste, he says its important for us now to save ouselves, she tells him to get rid of his clothes and accessories he wore today to leave no clue.

Rishab comes to meet Preeta in the jail and thanks her for all that she has done for his family, Preeta says i have done this for Karan as karan has always put me out of trouble. he tells her about Pragya’s plan with the media, she gets happy that pragya di has done this to ssave her.

Karan talks to Subash and tells the cop who is investigating the case hates drug peddlers, Subash makes a confession that he has the footage. Prithvi enters the club and says here is the footage, he says i went to this crook’s place and got the footage.

He says karan is innocent as someone else put the drugs in his jacket and preeta only tried to save him, Pragya is happy, Karan wonders what is wrong with prithvi, why is he being so good, Prithvi is happy that he made chnages to the CCTV foootage and no one can catch him.

Prithvi holds the gaurd and warns him to be quite for his family sake. Prithvi does drama of being worried for Preeta. Pragya says lets go to poilce station and get preeta free from jail.

Pragya thanks Prithvi to help Preeta and her family.Sherlin thinks of taking revenge from Pragya to fail her plan to ruin Preeta’s life.

Pragya come to Sarla’s house and everyone is happy to see Preeta out of jail. Srsihti thanks Pragya and hugs and loves her. Pragay tells today we all sisters are together and we should have Sarla’s cup of tea. Preeta teases Srishti with sameer’s name. they have fun. Pragya remembers Bulbul. Pragya and Sarla share emotional moments as they remeber Bulbul.

Pragya tells them about Abhi’s concert, Srsishti is excited.

Mehra family is getting ready for concert and Mitali tells dadi how Munni had to face Abhi’s hatred at the dinner table. Dadi is upset. Flashback moments of Bulbul-Pragya and Sarla is shown as Janki remembers Bulbul. Pragya cries alone remembering Bulbul, preeta-pragya-srishti share a hug, sarla is ahppy to see them. They listen to radio and hear about crowd waiting for Abhishek mehra’s concert and are excited.

Pragya remembers Abhi’s warning not to come to concert as Srishti insists her to take them to the concert. Preeta handles the situation and senses that Pragya is tensed about something. Preeta asks her why didn’t she tell them about anything and why are you here, you should be with your husband. Sarla also tells Pragy to go.

Pragya gets a call from the guitar repair old guy who tells her to stop Abhi from playing guitar at the concert as there is Bomb in the guitar. Pragya is shocked.

Preeta sees Pragya worried and she tells Preeta that Abhi’s life is danger, she tells her lets go to save Abhi asap, Pragyas stops her, but Preeta says i will come with you. Srishti also hears there conversation and she also follows them.

Abhi reaches the concert and everyone cheers for him. He goe to his fans and tells Simonika to catch the guitar for him, Simonica is tensed, he tells her what is she thinking and gives her, she tells him to handle the guitar and keep it properly. She thinks to keep it very safely as it is will his life today, this guitar will break and blast in your hands Abhi and this will your reason for death, Mitali asks her who is she sending from this world, she makes an excuse.

Srishti tells Pragya to inform others in the family over the phone if Abhi has no phone. Pragya tries but she cannot reach anyone over the phone, Abhi sees Pragya’s call and cuts its, purab tells him to listen to what she has to say, Abhi tells the gaurd that this lady in the pic should not be allowed to come in the concert, h tells purab he does not want to see pragya/munni today.

Concert begins..

There are dance performances by Sonia Balani aka Bunty of Detective Didi on hawa hawai,  Sheen Dass aka Pooja of Piya Albela dance performance is on song gajar ne kiya hai ishara, Dipika Kakar aka Simar of Sasural Simar Ka dances on pallo latke song, they all dance together on sara zamana song.

Pragya tells preeta and Srishti in car she has problem to go inside as she and Abhi fought and he has told her not to come. She says i can do anything for Abhi, Srsihti says just like Preeta did for Karan. They listen on radio that concert has begun. Pragya prays for Abhi.

Abhi is in green room and remembers Pragya and their romantic times, he gets sad. He takes his guitar to practice, Simonica stops him and says what are you doing. she says you dn’t have to practice, you are a rockstar, she tells him to play the song happy love song. he is about to play guitar, purab tells him that Karan and Rishab have come to meet him.

Abhi and Purab listen to Rishab telling Karan that its is only because of Pragya that preeta is out of jail, Abhi asks him what has pragya done, Rishab tells him how Pragya  saved Preeta since morning, Abhi is confused, Purab says Praya is such that she can do anything for her own people. Karana and Rishab get ready to perform in the concert.

Dheeraj Dhoopar aka Karan of Kundali Bhagya dance on the song swag se karenge sab ka swagat. Tanu tells aaliya after Abhi i like Karan. aaliya warns her not to take anyone else name but her brother. Naren of Piya Albela aka Akshay mhatre dances on tan tana tan … Manit Joura aka Rishab of Kundali Bhagya performs on punjabi song ishq tera tadpa ve.

Abhi remembers Rishab’s words about pragya and is disturbed while Pragya is in car trying to reach the concert and praying for Abhi. Simonia asks Purab when is Ahi’s performance as she cannot wait for her plan to be successful. Srsiti tells the taxi guy to rush. Taxi driver gets into an accident, crwd yells at him and Pragya-Preeta and Srsihti as more delayed, they decide to walk n go.

Mehek and Shourya of Zindagi Ki Mehek (Samikha Jaiswal and Karan Vohra) dance performance is on the song kehdu tumhe… ya chup rahoon and raat baki song. Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvikar dance on song humma humma and tu cheez badi hai mast.

Disha tells Purab that i think something will be wrong here in concert, Simonica curses her as she overhears her intuition. Purab tells her to relax. He tells her to take care of Dadis as they are so excited.

Bhutu (Bhootu) serial star cast Sana Amina Sheikh aka Suchi and Kinshuk Vaidya aka Aryan dance on songs suit suit karda song,  rocket humare saiyaan. Jeet Gaye Toh Piya More Devi (yesha Rughani) and Adhiraj (Krip Suri) and Piya Albela actors Pooja and Naren dance together on Oonchi hai building song. Everyone dnnce on song move you luck baby. Arshiya Mukherjee aka Pihu/Bhootu then dances with Suchi and Aryan on disco disco kare sari raat sajna.

Backstage, bhi imagines Pragya walking towards him. He hugs her and she is gone.

Abhi makes grand entry on the stage… meherbano shukriya song plays in bG. Pragya reaches the venue and shouts please stop. Crowd asks him to sing Allah Vaariyan  song, Abhi and Pragya dream dance performance is shown on dil dil diya gallaan and Allah Vaariyan main toh haariyan.

Crwds cheer for  abhi, Pragy tries to get in concert, security stops her as he tells Abhi as ordered not to let her in. She says i am his wife, he says still i have to stop you, preeta says can i go inside at least, he says to show her pass, she says i am family, he is my brotehr in law, gaurd laughs at her,s he says his life is at risk. Pragya requests him and begs him that Abhi is life in in danger, he says his life is in danger because of you.

Abhi’s performance with guitar finally comes and Simonika begins countdown…tick tick 1.. tick tick 2.. tick tick 3.

Kumkum Bhagya 16 January 2018 Precap:

Pragya come on stage. he pints gun at him to stop him from playing guitar.. abhi still decides to play, she shoots the gun, bullet dodges abhi.

Pics – KumKum Bhagya 1000 Episodes Celebration Party

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