Kumkum Bhagya latest news: Pragya to tell the truth to King

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In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that King gets upset with Pragya after finding out from Chachi that Pragya had got drunk Abhi home. He couldn’t bear to hear Chachi’s harsh words against Pragya.

Tarun tells Pragya about Chachi and King’s conversation. King comes to Pragya and asks her what is going on in this house, and tells that Chachi told that Abhi came to this house yesterday. He asks her that Abhi was in your room. Pragya tells him that she saw Abhi on the road and that’s why brought him home thinking his family must be out to search him. She wanted to take him to the guest room, but Chachi was sleeping there, so she took him to her room. King believes Pragya as he respects her and is sure that she can never do wrong with anyone.

Later, Abhi tells Disha that past may come ahead into the future, but he needs to go and talk to Pragya and will ask her why did she do this with him. Pragya decides to tell all truth to King and thinks she can’t break his trust more. Pragya feels guilty of hurting King’s sentiments. She doesn’t want to give more sorrow to King by lying about Abhi and her relation.

What will happen next? Will King help Pragya to unite with Pragya? Well, as per the latest promo, Pragya tells Abhi that Kiara is King’ daughter, he challenges her that in 7 days he will prove that Kiara is his daughter and will give her the same pain of away from her child just like he had to.

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