Home TV Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 25th July 2017, Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 25th July 2017, Written Update

Zee Tv serial Kumkum BhagyaWritten Update 25 July 2017, Kumkum Bhagya 25 July 2017 Episode Update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 25.07.2017 episode starts with Tanu was caught up with doing cosmetics when Munni goes there and begins cuddling into every one of her items and inquires as to whether she realizes that she isn’t truly enough as she needs cosmetics. She grabs a concealer and asks Tanu what it is. Tanu says it is utilized to conceal the imprints on the face. Munni asks does it likewise conceal signs of awful deeds. Tanu requests that her quiets down.

Munni inquires as to why Abhi left her for Pragya. Tanu requests that her stay calm. Munni says she knows the reason yet needs to know it from her. Tanu asks what does she know. Munni says either Abhi would have seen her without cosmetics or he would have perceived how blade she is when contrasted with Pragya who appears to be so pure. Tanu says she’ll solicit Aaliya to toss her out from the house. Munni says they both are in this house in light of her so she better not consider anything like that. Aaliya comes there and asks what’s the issue. Tanu says she is aggravating her. Aaliya asks Munni what she is doing there when she had requested that her go to Dadi and other relatives and make them abhor Pragya. Munni says she didn’t disclose to her what she should do with them and she isn’t as knife as her so she couldn’t make a difference her brain to it.

Abhi is settling on what to wear and reviews how Pragya used to picked garments for him yet he is wary on the off chance that she’ll have the capacity to picked the garments for him as she herself isn’t dressing pleasant nowadays. He gets a call from Purab and he tries to make him comprehend that he ought to wed once more.

Purab is with the man from whom he should get the installment. He gives him money rather than a check and says his collaborator would go with him to the bank and he can store it. In spite of the fact that Purab approaches him that he guaranteed for a check however he says it does make a difference.

Abhi and Dadi are chatting on sorting out a pooja at home when Munni comes there and Abhi requests that her give her assessment. Munni says she has no clue what really matters to them. Dadi discloses to her that she needs to sort out a ‘Satyanarayan pooja’ however Abhi isn’t prepared for it. Abhi says this is on the grounds that Pragya isn’t well and he doesn’t need her to apply. Munni says they shouldn’t reconsider when it’s about issues of God. Dadi says they’ll deal with the game plans and Pragya would simply need to go to that. Munni ponders internally that this Pooja may bring about kicking out Aaliya and Tanu.

Dadi calls everyone and announces about the pooja and says she wants Abhi and Pragya to sit through it so that they are saved from evil eye. Mitali asks if Abhi agreed for the pooja and Dadi says Pragya made him agree and Aaliya and Tanu happen to overhear that.


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