Kundali Bhagya 01 February 2018 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 01st February 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (01.02.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan says on my god, that lady must me Janki aunty, sarla says lets go in your car and look for her then.

Janki is rushed by vegetable seller to the hospital, he hopes she survives as she is very critical. He overhears the doctor that the lady is badly injured and might hardly survived, he tells nurse to get forms signed, the seller is tensed that this lady will die and the hospital will ask money from her. he thinks to leave the hospital.

Sherlin is tensed and tells prithvi we should have ensured that janki is dead and then leave, he says i am confident she will die 100%, he says the seller will not want to be put into police matters, she is still tensed. prithvi tells her to relax, sherin says lets go and check once if janki is really dead or not. Prithvi says we will only see her dead body from far, i am sure she is already dead.

Sarla and everyone reach the place where Karan had janki last, they ask people on road, but they don’t find a clue, Karan thinks to call at his home and check, he calls Rishab who is sleeping, he asks if janki has come home, he says i have to check, karan says we are looking for janki Aunty who is missing from her home, he says i had seen her earlier on the road near our house, Rishab says let me come and check, Kareena asks him where is he going so late, he asks if she saw janki, Kareena gets irked and says why will Janki come so late in our house, he says Janki is missing, rakhi hears this and says we should find Janki, Kareena says whats the bid deal about it, rishab says let me go now, Kareena says karan has practice tomorrow, rishab was tired all day, why are our sons being so much worried about Arora, rakhi says they are like family not for name sake, but i really think them as family. Kareena is upset over their goodness. Rakhi says my sons are doing good for humanity sake, kareena is irked as all think that she is bad and thinks to gets Rishab and Sherlin should marry soon, else Rakhi would want Rishab and Preeta to marry in future, i should get control back in this house.

Rishab meets sarla, preeta and karan, Preeta says how janki went missing and says may be janki has got her memory back and has gone behind the culprit, karan says she had come to our house to tell us the truth, karan says may be she had to say something about our family, sarla says yes, you must be connected to kumkum Bhagya fire incident, preeta says what is it that janki knows, its all so confusing.

P & S head back to see janki is dead or not and Sherlin is still tensed to leave janki on the road. prithvi explains her why it was important to leave from there, they see preeta, rishab, sarla and karan on the accident road, they are tensed and turn the car around, sherlin tells him to stop the car and close car lights, she says lets hide and see what are they doing here, prithvi says have they found janki and getting her recovered, he curses them, she says how do we find out what they are talking. he says let me go and listen, shelrin says lets leave from here, i am tensed, prithvi says we have to find out Janki is dead or not, he says i can’t let your bad dream come true.

Rishab suggests to go and lodge police complaint of Kanki going missing, karan say we will waste time lets find her instead. Preeta says we can’t lodge a complaint unless its 24 hours of missing, she says lets find her, prithvi is overhearing them and is happy that theu didn’t find janki.

the vegetable seller comes back on same road and is talking to his mother over the phone about a lady’s accident, he says Rishab, preeta and karan over hear him and got o ask him about the lady who met with accident, he says had admitted her in hospital, he says i had seena car and asked them to help, but they didn’t, prithvi curses the seller to tell karaan so many things, preeta calls the hospital to check about Janki’s condition, she is shocked when the doctor says Janki is dead. She tells everyone, they are shocked too.

Kundali Bhagya 02 February 2018 Precap: 

preeta yells at karana nd says didn’t you hear, janki is no more and you are worried how i am looking like while crying, do you understand what my mother is going through. 


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