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Kundali Bhagya 01 October 2020 Written Update: Pawan tells Preeta that Prithvi has planned to kidnap her

Kundali Bhagya 01 October 2020 Written Episode – Pawan reveals his identity to Preeta

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya serial on Zee TV. Ramona and Sanjana find out that Mahira is posing as Karan’s wife instead of Preeta. Ramona stops Sarla from meeting Preeta while Sanjana takes Mahira away.

Janki reaches Pawan’s house and sees that goons are outside. Her doubts gets confirmed that Pawan has taken something from Luthra house. She thinks to inform Preeta while being unware that Pawan has kidnapped Preeta. She is unable to reach Preeta. She decides to find out what is wrong.

Pawan is upset that Prithvi is still conscious. he thinks to leave Prithvi in Preeta’s room, so Prithvi gets a big surprise on seeing Preeta. He tells him how much he loves Prithvi and so does Prithvi. Preeta gets conscious. She meets Pawan and asks did he kidnap her.  He tells her not to worry as she is safe in the house. She remembers Mahira’s word and calls him Ravan for kidnapping her.

She requests him to let her go. He tells her that she belongs to Prithvi. Preeta is shocked to hear him talking about Prithvi. She requests Pawan not to hurt Prithvi, he is not at fault. Pawan laughs at her and surprised seeing her concern for Prithvi. She warns him from hurting Prithvi. Pawan gets to respect Preeta seeing her concern for Prithvi. He tells her that he is Pawan Malhotra, brother of Prithvi Malhotra. He tells her that he is the Ravan in her life. Preeta gets a big shock.

Mahira tells Sanjana that she has got rid of Preeta and now she will be meeting the guests as Karan’s wife. Mrs. Karan Luthra. Sanjana tells her that karan will never accept her. Mahira tells Sanjana to asks Sherlin to meet her. Janki tries to call Sarla and inform her that something is wrong.

Sarla is much puzzled when Ramona apologizes to her. Ramona does it for Mahira’s sake. Rishabh sees this and gets happy that things getting fine between Ramona and Sarla. Sarla tells Rishabh that she is sensing that something is not right. Rishabh is glad to see Sarla getting respect as she is a very nice person. Shrishti also joins him in praising her mother. Sarla and Shrihsti are happy that Rishabh has always supported Preeta and them. Rishabh tells them that Preeta is a strong girl and will surely make a place in Luthra family. Sanjana gets upset seeing Rishabh’s bonding with Sarla and her family.

Preets is still in shock. Pawan tells her that he is really Prithvi’s brother and shows his picture with Prithvi. He calls her Bhabhi. Preeta tells him that she is not his Bhabhi as she is married to Karan and not Prithvi.

Pawan gets much angry and points a gun at her. He asks her not to take Karan’s name and forget him. Preeta tries to run away but gets stooped by Pawan’s goon. Pawan slaps his goons for mistreating Preeta. Preeta tells Pawan that Prithvi will never force her this way.  Pawan tells her that Prithvi planned her kidnapping to marry her. Preeta is not ready to believe him.

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