Home TV Kundali Bhagya 01st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 01st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 01st November 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya 01 November 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (01.11.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Prithvi gives gold bangles to Preeta, she says i can’t accept it without my mother’s consent. He says emotionally that my mum would feel bad, she agrees to keep it for his mother’s happiness. He makes her wear the bangles, she says its okay i will wear them myself. Karan and Srishti witness this and are shocked. Prithvi leaves.

Preeta asks Karan if he found Sherlin’s lover. He says i didn’t find her lover but i have seen your lover. They get into an argument, Srishti says what are you guys doing, she asks Karan that you curse my sister so much, then why do you love her, Preeta and Karan are shocked, Srishti says i know you guys love each other as i have seen it myself how you both were lost into each other the other day, Preeta says that day i had slipped and hence we were on the bed together. She says we can never be in love, Srishti says i have already informed mumma and she has come to meet Rakhi aunty to talk about your marriage with Karan, they are shocked again.

Preeta and Karan rush to the room, Rakhi is talking to Sarla in her room and asks her what de she want to tell her earlier. Sarla is happy yet she does not know how to say it, Rakhi says her to tell everything without hesitation. Sarla says that she has come to talk about her daughter and Rakhi’s younger son, Rakhi thinks that Sarla is talking about Sameer and Srishti, she recollects Srishti talking sweetly with Sameer. She asks her to say further, Sarla sees Preeta hinting her not to say anything, Sarla stops from saying anything further. She makes up an excuse and says she has to leave to her Kumkum Bhagya hall.

Sarla is upset with Srsihti and tells her that today she could have put her in trouble because of her assumptions, Preeta clarifies there is nothing between her and Karan, Srala says i know you will never lie, Preeta says but you should take Srishti’s case as she assumes anything.

Karan is tensed that Sarla and Rakhi spoke about his marriage with Peeta, Rakhi is happy that Sarla spoke about Srishti and Sameer, she shares with Karan, Karan is relieved. He does not clarify the confusion, rakhi says let me inform other family members, he says tells his mum to first confirm with Sarla.

Srishti teases Preeta over Prithvi’s gift (gold bangles). Karan says don’t worry, soon you will get better gold bangles when you become the bahu of Luthra family. Preeta and Srishti are surprised, he says that your mom came to speak about Preeta and mine marriage, but my mother has thought that she spoke about Sameer and Srishti’s marriage. Preeta asks Srishti that if anything is brewing between her and Sameer, Srishti says never, Sameer is soo stupid, Preeta says just like Karan nah, Karan stares at her, Srishti says why didn’t you clrify, he says because of you, there was a confusion about me and Preeta, now you take of this confusion, Srishti thinks Sameer must have done something for Rakhi aunty to think  like this and goes to take his case.

Kareena gets Rishabh to se go with Sherlin in a room and take care of her as Sherlin pretends to be weak after keeping fast. Kareena says i will find more reasons like this to bring you guys together. Karan and Preeta see this from the floor above and hide as Kareena turns behind.

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