Kundali Bhagya 02 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 02nd February 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (02.02.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rakhi is worried that Rishab and Karan have not called yet, what has happened to janki, she wakes up Mahesh. She informs her about janki going missing and how Karan and Rishab have gone to search for Janki along with Aroras.

Sarla is crying that Janki cannot die, she cannot leave us. Preeta consoles. She says she has to be part of your marriages, she has so much work, she says she has not dies, she is alive, Rishab hugs her, prithvi shappy to hear Janki is dead, Rishab consoles Sarla and says not to cry.

Preeta is crying alone a little away from Sarla, Karan goes to her, he tells her not to cry, with her crying Janki will not come back, she looks so ugly when she cries. Preeta gets upset with him, she says are you crazy, what kind os person you are, do you what have i heard over the phone, Janki aunty is no more, you realize what sarla is going through, how can it matter, how do i look, she tells Rishab to take him away. Rishab says Karan is very soft spoken, he does not know what to speak, he says even Karan is also as sad as you are, he reminds of the time when their father had heart attack, he says his words meant something else, he didn’t want you to cry as you are a big sister. he says you have to be supportive for Sarla and Srishti, he only wanted you to be strong during this time. He says i know katan is so much sensitive, he tells Karaan there is a way to say things, Sarla says you are right Rishab, we should be strong in this situation. Rishab says lets go to hospital, he takes Sarla in his car, karaan and preeta go in Karan’s car.

Mahesh is calling rishab. rakhi asks about Janki, he tells her that Janki aunty is dea, rakhi is shocked, mahesh asks her what has happened, rishab says i will call you later. They all leave to the hospital. Rakhi informs Mahesh that Janki is dead.

Rishab and Karan’s car pass by Prithvi’s car, they hide their face he tells sherlin they are goig to hospital, prithvi says just wait for some time, i will tell you everything. They are following Rishab and Karan’s car, prithvi takes a diversion, sherlin asks why you changed the route, he says i will murder you, she is tensed, he says stpe out of the car. he gets drinks from the car to celebrate the news with Sherlin, sherlin says we have such big tension and you are celebrating, he says i have good news to celebrate, Janki is dead, Sherlin is happy. Janki is out of our lives forever.

Preeta and everyone reach hospital and ask at reception about Janki, A ward boy takes them towards the morgue. he shows the body, its another woman. the ward boy says this is only lady who dies of burn, srishti is happy that Janki is alive. Preeta shows picture of janki and asks him if janki is hospital, preeta says lets check at reception.

Sherlin is happy we are free, we will never be caught. she says i want to dance, prithvi says i wanted to see you happy like that, anything for you. She says now we have no tensions,he says i will destroy, preeta, srishti, karam amd rishab now, just wait and watch.

Preeta says she is injured, where will she go, karan says she had something imp to tells us, reception lady says Janki is alive, she says sorry, karan yells at her for mistake, srishti says karan i right, she has no clue what we went through. Srishti thanks Rishab for giving them confidence earlier, karan says thank you ro rishab for being a great brother.

Janki is in hospital room, preeta says doc, we are her family, sarla starts shouting at janki that why did she leave alone so late in night, she says you know we were worried, rishab and karan too came for your sake, looking for you, preeta tries to stop her, she says you are lying down saying nothing, i will scold you, preeta consoles sarla as she is crying badly, janki is speechless. Sarla hugs Janki. She says you are so important for us, you know i get tensed for you.

Rishab, karan and srishti come to the hospital room, karan asks janki if she is okay, Rishab asks Janki what was so important that you had come so late night to our house, srishti says i know, janki aunty you have got your memory back right, janki gives a nod with her eyes, she cannot speak, srishti and everyone is shocked.

Preeta and Karan promote Zee TV new show Kalire.

Kundali Bhagya 05 February 2018 Precap:

Doc tells Janki is paralysed, she cannot says anything, she should rest. Rakhi says Rishab that you have to go shopping with Sherlin for Mehendi party.


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