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Kundali Bhagya 05th October 2020 Written Update: Janki finds out Preeta is kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 05th October 2020 Written Episode – Sherlin warns Mahira about Pawan

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Pawan tells Preeta that he wants t get her married to Prithvi and make her, his Bhabhi. Preeta is shocked to see Pawan making arrangements for the wedding. She wishes to escape somehow and not marry Prithvi at any cost.

Pawan tells her how much his brother Prithvi loves her, once he gets conscious. He asks him to get ready as a bride for his Prithvi. She shows how Prithvi has kept the wedding attire and the mangalsutra (nuptial chain) for her, as she has always dreamed of marrying her.

Preeta tries to escape. He warns her from trying to run away as his goons will not spare her. He asks her to accept that Prithvi is in her destiny. He asks her to smile and marry Prithvi willingly. He orders his men to get the pandit and some materials for the marriage.

Sherlin finds out that Mahira is under the veil and has taken Preeta place in the Muh Dikhai rasam. She knows that Karan will never accept Mahira with such crazy moves. Ramona and Sherlin try to make Mahira understand, but she is not ready to listen to them and wants to carry out her plan anyways. She looks forward to unveil herself in front of Karan as his wife.

Janki is keeping an eye at Pawan’s house to find out what is he upto. Preta manages to escape from the house but gets caught by the goons. Pawan keeps Preeta at a gun point and warns her from making any foolish movies. Janki gets to see Preeta from the window. She gets a big shock to see that Preeta has been kidnapped. She hears Pawan warning Preeta and gets to know that guys who has kidnaped Preeta is none other than Prithvi’s younger brother. She decides to inform Shrishti that Preeta is kindapped and in danger.

Sherlin asks Mahira where has she sent Preeta. Mahira tells her that she had called a Ravan who has kidnaped Preeta. She tells her that it is Prithvi’s brother Pawan. Sherlin slaps Mahira out of anger as she is much worried hearing Pawan’s name. She knows that Pawan is a crazy person and she has put them in a big risk too. She tells Mahira she has done a big mistake by taking Pawan’s help. Sherlin is also tensed as she does not want Prithvi to marry Preeta.

Janki makes an attempt to save Preeta and attacks Pawan. The goons hit her and she falls unconscious. Preeta gets to know that that Janki has come to save her. She gets a responsibility of saving herselff and Janki’s life as well.

What will happen next? Will Shrishti reach in time to save Preeta? or will Karan come and save his wife? We will have to wait and watch!

Keep reading this space for latest news and gossips of Kundali Bhagya.

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