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Kundali Bhagya 06th October 2020 Written Update: Karan rejects Mahira, goes to find Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 06th October 2020 Written Episode: Karan asks Mahira to leave the house

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Kareena sees Ramona hugging with Preeta and wonders why is she changing her hearts towards Preeta. She is unaware that Ramona is talking to her daughter Mahira who is under the veil, taking Preta’s place as Karan’s wife.

Ramona announces Preeta and Karan’s dance. Mahira dances romantically with Karan which surprises Karan. He gets to know that Mahira under the veil. Mahira runs away from him after telling her name to him. Karan is shocked and follows her to the room. Kareena says that Preeta has left the function mid-way which is so insulting. Sarla thinks that Karan and Preeta had a fight. Janki is caught by Pawan’s goon and kept captive.

Karan confronts Mahira over taking Preeta’s place. Mahira tells him that its her reception with him and she is happy that he has seen first as part of the mu dikahi rasam. She says that she didn’t want to shock him and asks him to tell reveal her as his wife in front of everyone. Karan thinks that she is gone mad to ake Preeta’s place and tells her that she is wrang. He asks her about Preeta.

Mahira reminds him how Preeta took her place and did a wrong thing to marry him. Karan questions her about wearing Preeta’s mangalsutra. Mahira shouts at him and declares herself as his wife. She asks him to forget their fight and remember how happy they were together and going to get married. Karan tells her that he wanted to marry her earlier, but now Preeta is his wife. Mahira is not ready to accpet it.

Sherlin wants to stop Prithvi from marrying Preeta. She makes an excuse and leaves the house. Rishabh doubts her and follows her. He confront Shelrin. She tells him that was parking the car properly. Rishabh tells her that he will do it and asks her keep an eye on Mahira. Sherlin is much worried and wants SMahira to call Pawan and stop this madness. She does not want to lose Prithvi over Preeta.

Mahira questions Karan over accepting Preeta as his wife. She venst out her anger on him. Soon. she apologizes to him for her crazy behaviour. She tells him that she loves him a lot and forces him to admit that he loves her too. Karan does not love Mahira.

She warns to die, if he does not admit to love her. He tries to explain Mahira that he may want to throw Preeta out of life and the house, but he respects relations and so he will respect his marriage as well, as Preeta is his wife now. He asks Mahira to stop her madness and not meet the guests as his wife. He suggests her to leave their house as she would only get hurt seeing Preeta and him together. He does not asks her about Preeta as he is aware that she won’t say anything. He decides to find Preeta.

Further, Shrishti meets with an accident. Pawan gets ready for Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage. Preeta warns him about Karan. He shouts at her and warns her from not making him angry anymore. Preeta wishes that Janki manages to inform someone. She wishes that Karan comes to save her.

NOTE: Actor Sanjay Gagnani aka Prithvi has resumed shooting for Kundali Bhagya after recovering from Covid-19. Looks like the Preeta’s kidnapping and wedding with Prithvi will see big twists and turns. There may be a big confrontation between Karan and Prithvi, as  Karan comes to save his wife Preeta.

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