Home TV Kundali Bhagya 07 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 07 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 07th February 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (07.02.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Srishti tells Preeta somehow i don’t feel happy with your marriage to Prithvi. She says i don’t feel like celebrating and dancing.

Preeta says i know why you are felling so, since Prithvi will marry me and take me away from you and family. She says every girl has to go through this and she has to get settled with new relationships after marriage.

Preeta is taking tea for Prithvi, Srishti says let me take it for him, i should be friends with him and take care of him since he will marry you. Preeta wonders if srishti seriously wnats to be freinds with Prithvi, Sarla is happy that Srishti wants to patch up with Prithvi.

Srishti gives tea to Prithvi, he says give first to Dadi, they get involved in talks, Srishti purposely spills hot tea on Prithvi’s hand, his hands are burned, he yells at srishti, she says why did you become no nice with formalities, he continues to shout at her, what did she do and asks if she did it purposely, she shouts at her for her badtameezi, dadi says please be clam, prithvi says i think i spoke too much, he apologizes and says i burnt my hands, that why i lost my cool, he says sorry to all. He diverts the topic with his engagement news which he wants to share with his mother and says she will be very happy, he asks if he can take Preeta out to buy her engagement gift.

Srala yells at Srishti for spilling tea on Prithvi, she says we had to be embarrassed because of you, dadi says let it be, srishti says to her herself, i did it purposely, i hate prithvi, she hopes that prithvi is some how out of their life and Karan comes in picture, she likes Karan.

Karan, Rishab and Sherlin are in a shop for shopping, karan curses Rishab to get him along with them and says i can;t stand all of this nakhras, rishab says you know i am not good with girls and their liking, sherlin is trying dresses, they get into conversation, karan says promise me you will never shout me in front of Preeta, you have no clue she calls me by so many funny names, they have a laugh, Rishab says let me shop for you too. Karan sees devil horns and says this will suit Sherlin as she forces her things on everyone.

Prithvi and Preeta also come to same place. Preeta hesitates to go inside as it’s an expensive shop. Prithvi says their marriage matters most to him. He can at least spend few lakhs for his wife. This is just a small gift. For their marriage, they will do a lot of shopping. He asks Preeta to choose her dress. She goes in. He says in his mind, he will give what Preeta she deserves later, but for now, he is more interested in Rishabh’s crore of rupees. For that, he can spend small amounts.

Rishabh is confused what dress to pick. He asks Karan to help. Karan sees a dress and says it will look very good on her. Rishabh asks on Sherlyn? He says no, on his girlfriend. Rishabh asks what girlfriend? He called him there to help him. Karan puts dress on side and says let’s select for Sherlyn first.

Preeta picks up same dress and she likes it. Prithvi doesn’t like it. He asks her to look for something else. He picks some cheap dress and asks her to try it out. If it fits, then they will get that. Preeta says ok and goes.

Other hand, Karan picks up a small dress for Sherlyn. Rishabh says it doesn’t look good for family function. Karan suggests him to give Sherlyn a surprise, she will like because Rishabh will give. Rishabh doesn’t like it and says he will put it back. Karan says fine, he won’t help him then. Rishabh tells him if he’s saying, then he will try. Karan says in his mind that he purposely chose bad dress for Sherlyn.

Karan buys something for him as well and goes to try it out. Preeta was also going in changing room. Prithvi brings another dress and asks her to try that too. Preeta comes in changing room and Karan was changing, he had just taken his pants off. Preeta screams. Prithvi asks if everything okay. Karan says nothing in girls voice. Prithvi asks what happened to her voice. Preeta asks Karan why he said in girls voice. He says he came in ladies changing room, so thought to try ladies voice too. Preeta is irritated. Karan says if he speaks in his voice then what will Prithvi think seeing them together in changing room. Prithvi asks if everything okay. Preeta says she is okay. Something had stuck in her throat. He tells her to change, he is waiting outside. Karan teases her that she will have to stay with him now because Prithvi is outside. They argue they don’t have manners. Karan tells Preeta couldn’t she knock. She asks him to put his shirt on first. He refuses. Preeta asks him to sit and then puts his shirt on him. Both have eye lock. Sajdaa song plays.. Preeta then asks him to leave. He asks what she is doing with Prithvi. She says they are going to get engaged…


Karan challenges Prithvi that he will break his and Preeta’s alliance.


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