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Kundali Bhagya 09 October 2020 Written Update: Preeta and Prithvi marriage begins

Kundali Bhagya 09 October 2020 Written Episode: Sarla blames Mahira of kidnapping Preeta

Here’s what will happen in the today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Sarla tells  everyone that she had sent Preeta with Karan after their marriage as Karan has promised to keep her happy, but he abandoned her in middle of no where. She questions them about Karan’s move. She says that Preeta has also not done anything wrong.

Bani Dadi is not ready to accept Preeta and Karan’s marriage. Sarla tells her that she also does not accept their marriage, but they are is destined to be together and hence go married. She says that both Karan and Preeta have married each other with their own reasons. Preeta is Karan’s wife now and hence he cannot marry Mahira. She questions Luthras why did they keep a reception party, if they didn’t accept Preeta.

Mahira once again argues with Sarla and insults her again. She says that she deserves Karan more than Preeta and wants to marry Karan. She says that Preeta is not the right girl for Karan. Sarla warns her to keep quiet. Sarla does not expect Luthra to support Preeta but asks Karan to stand by his wife.

Karan tells Sarla that Preeta is missing her and how can he support her if she is not here. She tells him to find Preeta as she cannot leave the reception. Karan shows her Preeta’s letter. Mahira reads the fake letter. Sarla is sure that Preeta has not written the letter and checks it. Mahiara lies to everyone that Preeta has ran away with Prithvi to marry him. Sarla reprimands her for false accusations and says that Preeta can never so such a things as she has sacrificed her own self respect to save Karan.

Sherlin tries to save herself and intervenes. Sarla is sure that it is not Preeta’s handwriting in the letter. Mahira calls Preeta characterless. Karan tells her its is enough.

The Pandit is scared of Pawan’s craziness and requests Preeta to go along as per his demands. Preeta tells Pawan that she will marry when Prithvis gains consciousness. Pawan tells Janki that Prithvi and him are just like twin brothers and if not Prithvi, then he would have married a girl like Preeta. Janki gets furious and curses him. Pawan ties her up.

Shrishti gets to see the marriage rituals happening. Prithvi is still unconscious and unable to sit for the rituals. Shristi worries for Preeta. Preeta tells Pawan that Prithvi should be conscious during the marriage. He decides to fulfil Preeta’s wish.

Sherlin asks Mahira to go behind Karan and stop him. Kareena asks Sarla to get her perfect daughter back. Mahira apologizes to Karan again. Karan warns her from saying anything bad about Preeta’s character. He is upset with Preeta that she has insulted her sindoor but knows that Preeta can never leave him.

Sarla tries to take Rakhi’s help. Kareena tells that Preeta wanted to damage their image and reputation and left the house. Sherlin insults Sarla and says that she can very well answer her. Kareena asks Sarla what does she want to say. Rishabh stops Sherlin from disrespecting Sarla. Sarla tells them that she knows Preeta’s handwriting well, the handwriting in the letter is different. Mahira gets worried. Sarla accuses Mahira of kidnapping Preeta and that she would have written this fake letter.

Pawan tries to wake up Prithvi. Preeta burns the ropes to get free. Shrishti steps in to save Preeta but gets caught by Pawan. He gets happy that Preeta and Prithvi will get married in presence of their relatives.

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