Kundali Bhagya 14 December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 14th December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (14.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Sarla asks Preeta and Srishti why are they saying someone tried to kill Janki.

Preeta says while we thought someone came for theft, but the person came to kill Janki as she is aware of some secret. Sarla get tensed and asks Janki what does she know, who tried to kill her, she gets hyper. Preeta calms her down.

Prithvi and Sherlin hint each other to come out. Sarla is in her room and is upset that preeta and srishti that they didn’t tell her about someone trying to kill Janki. Preeta tries to explain her that they only had doubt and were waiting for janki’s recovery.

Prithvi and Sherlin are happy that Janki has lost her memory. They hug each other. Preeta’s Dadi see them and doubts them but she lets it go thinking that they could know each other as they are rich people.

Rishab asks Karan why did he create mess about Prithvi in front of Sarla and his family. Karan tells him that he is sure that Prithvi is not the right person for preeta, he had seen him talking to his girlfriend, but prithvi outsmart him and called Preeta. He knows that he has affair with some other girl, Rishab tells him i will believe you, but you have to stop, i will handle all of this as if anyone points fingers at you, i cannot tolerate it. He asks him why are you doing, Karan says preeta is very important for him, Rishab is shocked with response, Karan says she is your good friend and important to Dadi, that’s why i am doing all of this, she is a good girl and cannot marry a guy like Prithvi, Rishab is relieved. Preeta comes and knows that they were talking about her. Prithvi and Risbah ask preeta to re-think about marrying Prithvi.

Preeta doesn’t want to hurt Sarla. She tells Rishabh and Karan that Sarla has chosen Prithvi, and Sarla will never wish wrong for her. She trusts Sarla and her choice too. She tells them that her roka with Prithvi has happened. She wants to trust Prithvi, so that her relation gets strong. She doesn’t want to believe anyone and hurt Prithvi by her doubts. She asks them to stop instigating her against Prithvi. Karan asks her to value her life. Rishabh and Karan stay concerned for Preeta’s happiness.

Doctor informs sarla and family that janki has temporary memory loss and she will soon get her memory back. Prithvi and Sherlin get tensed.

Later Sherlin overhears Rishab talking to Karan that soon he will find out about Prithvi’s identity and then he will find out who is he having an affair with.

Kundali Bhagya 15 December 2017 Precap

Rakhi invites Sarla and her family for a dinner party at their place and asks her to get Preeta and Prithvi too. Karan gets upset with this.

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