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Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2020 Written Update – Janki recalls her lost memory

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2020 Written Episode – Preeta sees Prithvi’s madness for her

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Prithivi tells Pawan that he wants to see Karan’s face after he has lost to him by marrying Preeta. He warns Pawan that Preeta s very much delicate like glass and never not to hurt her. Janki manages to escape from the clutches of the goons.

The goons inform Pawan and Prithvi. Prithvi gets tensed and tells Pawan that Janki is a smart lady and has always ruined his plan. Janki sees them together. She realizes that both Prithvi and Pawan are evil men and worries about Preet’a life. Prithvi does not want Janki to ruin things this time and tells the goons to kill Janki if they see her. Janki overhears this and stays alert.

Prithvi goes to meet Preeta and thinks that she will be glad to see him. Preeta shouts at her. He tells her that he cannot see her hurt. Preeta tells him that his brother is mad. Shrishti also shouts at Prithvi. he asks her to clam down. He asks Preeta to talk to him alone. Shrishti stops him., Pawan points a gun on Shrishti. Prithvi asks Pawan not to hurt Shrishti.

Janki attacks Pawan. Prithvi stops her from stabbing Pawan and hits her on the head. Janki gets a hit on her head and regains her lost memory. Prithvi shouts at her for tyring to hurt his brother. He drags Preeta to talk to her alone. Preeta asks him how could he hurt Janki. He says that Janki would have killed his brother, if he hadn’t stopped her.

Prithvi tells Preeta that he loves her a lot. She tells him how Pwaan has kidnapped her and had held her captive on a gun point. She tells him that Mahira has manipulated him. Preeta tells him that he was destined to marry Karan. Preeta says that she had clearly refused to marry Prithvi. She reminds him that he had accepted her decision maturely but now Pawan is forcing her to marry him. Prithvi tells her  she is mistaken, he didn’t accept her marriage with Karan and she still wants to marry her.

He tells Preeta that he will marry her for love and not revenge. He says that Karan has abandoned her twice and he will never leave her. Preeta gets to see his madness. She tells that Karan and her marriage was in their fate. Prithvi raises a hand on her, while she boldly stops him. Karan misses Preeta a lot. He thinks of their marriage rituals. He can’t believe that she left him for the sake of Prithvi. He finds Preeta’s sarees in the cupboard. He thinks that that Preeta cant run away leaving him and wishes her to come back.

Janki recalls her accident done by Prithvi and Sherlyn. She tells Shrishti that she has remembered everything. Preeta feels Karan was always right about Prithvi and realizes her mistake of not trusting Karan.

Sherlin tells Mahira that Karan and Preeta are madly in love. She wants to take a step to separate them forever.

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