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Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2017 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya 15 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2017 Written Update (Written Episode) starts with Preeta hears Karan tell Sofia that he is seeing someone other than her as well. He says he would let her meet and assures he would bring her out. He comes to washroom and in spite that Preeta resists he carries her into the room. Karan smirks.
Kritika comes to Shrishti and says he thinks Rishab likes a girl. Shrishti thinks about Preeta and Rishab and says he gets lost in the girl’s thoughts. Kritika says he spotted him stare a girl but didn’t tell her. Kritika says if anyone knows about it… Shrishti says Rishab has feelings for her sister, Preeta. Both argue, Kritika says she will prove there is something between Sofia and Rishab. Shrishti bets Rishab has feelings for Preeta. Preeta denies any reality in whatever Karan said. Karan tells Sofia that Preeta is the girl his heart.

beats for, she is the first girl in life he wants to marry. Preeta was shocked, she explains to Sofia that she came to help Shrishti with tissue and napkins. Sofia doesn’t agree, she says Preeta just went into the washroom when she watched her coming. Karan asks Preeta to tell Sofia they are connected as Together Forever. Preeta is a great fan of his. Preeta denies any such thing. Karan asks why then she came under his umbrella forcefully. Preeta insists it was her umbrella, he forcefully came under it. Karan enjoys as he tells Sofia they also rain danced alone. He asks Sofia if she is affected. Sofia was upset that she was a temporary fan, but Preeta is a permanent person here. Sofia leaves the room saying she has no space in Karan’s life anymore. Karan sits on the bed relieved. Preeta accuses Karan. Karan explains Shrishti gave this idea to him, he finally got Preeta as helper. He explains to Preeta that Sofia forcefully came behind him, he never promised to marry her.
Kritika comes to Sofia and asks if there is something between her and Rishab? Sofia says there is nothing like that. She had a scene with Karan but he now loves Preeta. Shrishti was taken aback. Sofia says she caught them red handed, they were together in his room and bathroom alone. She cries, leaving both in shock.
Rashi comes to Sherlin and asks if she met Rishab, did she like him? Sherlin was a bit confused. Rashi says Rishab is a bit different, she must not judge his nature in first meeting; once he gets to know her he would open up like a book. Sherlin says he is a little different but interesting, she likes the men who keep suspense in their nature. Rashi asks if she liked Rishab then. Sherlin says she met Rishab but he had no idea they were meeting for marriage. Rashi says she knows how to get a yes from Rishab, she shouldn’t worry about her.
Preeta comes downstairs, Rishab meets her and finds her a bit nervous. Rishab says he came to call her into Karan’s room but now he forgot why he was looking for her. Karan comes from behind. Rishab says media was waiting for him for long. Karan tells him to ask Preeta where he had been and leaves. Rashi calls Preeta, her hand touches Rishab’s as she passes by. She turns to apologize. Rashi congratulates Preeta as Sherlin has liked Rishab and found him interesting. She made Rishab up to marry Sherlin.
Shrishti and Kritika stood together. Shrishti sends a waiter for soft drink. Kritika says actually it’s a good news, the couple looks really nice. Shrishti boasts her sister is no less than a heroine. She goes to ask Preeta about the matter. Rashi says it’s really important to know about Rishab’s consent about Sherlin. Preeta assures Rishab would agree at once.

Kritika was elated to see a girl reach and greets her as Baby. She complains Baby was so busy with her medical studies. They recall their college life. Baby tells Kritika she didn’t get the right man for her, but got self-respect for herself. Dadi comes looking for Preeta and says her feet are badly aching. Sherlin watches Preeta give her a foot massage and comes there. Dadi introduces her as her physiotherapist.
Sameer comes to Karan who was staring at Preeta. Karan says he is looking towards Sherlin. He gives Sameer the breaking news, Sofia is no more in his life. He tells Sameer that Preeta helped her.
Rashi speaks to Rishab that Preeta convinced him to get married. Rishab agrees she chose the right girl to convince him. Rashi tells him to see the girl with Dadi, they selected for him to marry. When Rishab looks there, only Preeta was visible as Sherlin had been gathered around with some guests. Rishab agrees. Rashi assures everything would be according to her wish. Sherlin suggests Dadi to consult some doctor. Shrishti comes to them with a complaint of neck strain. Preeta comes with her to a room. Rishab thinks about speaking to Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 16 August 2017 PRECAP:

In the room, Preeta was shocked to hear Shrishti excited that Preeta will marry in Lutra family.


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