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Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Update: Preeta takes Mahira place on dance floor

Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Episode: Preeta to teach a lesson to Mahira

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Sameer finds Sarla worried and tells her that Preeta had got kidnapped and escaped. Sarla wants to meet her daughters and wonders how are they.

Mahira dances with Karan in front of the guests and the cop lady. Karan is helpless to dance with Mahira who is posing as Preeta in front if the cop lady. Mahira tells Karan that she is doing all of this for the sake of his family. Ramona takes the opportunity to boast to Luthra family how her daughter has saved their family from getting arrested.

Rishabh is not happy with all this drama. He cannot see Mahira with Karan. Rishabh doubts Sherlin when he sees her cunning smile looking at Mahira and Karan dance. He wants Sherlin to respect Preeta as Karan’s wife now. Kritika tells Rishabh that Preeta cannot always be right and question him why can’t he see her wrong doings. Rishabh wants to end everyone’s misunderstanding about Preeta.

Mahira tells Karan that he cannot love Preeta as she has only tried to is harming his name ruin his family’s reputation by running away wth Prithvi. Karan tells her that she is not Preeta and has just taken Preeta’s place for some time.

Sarla gets to know from Preeta that Prithvi was forcibly trying to marry her and how Janki and Shrishti saved her. She feels proud that Preeta has defeated Prithvi, Mahira and Pawan. She was sure that Preeta will never leave the reception on her own. Sarla tells Preeta that she has scolded Rakhi for not ousting Mahira. Preeta tells Sarla that she should not have blamed Rakhi. Sarla says that Rakhi has allowed Mahira stay in the house and spread her poison.

Sarla tells Preeta all the drama Mahira has done there in the party. Shrishti gets much furious on Mahira and says that she has not seen a evil girl like her. Sarla tells them how Mahira has lied to everyone that Preeta has ran away with Prithvi. Preeta gets ready to handle Sherlyn and Mahira and the cops as well. She does not wnat to ruin Luthra family name, which is now her family too.

Shrishti asks her to slap Mahira. Sarla reveals about Mahira showing a fake letter to defame Preeta. Janki tells Preeta to expose Mahira’s evil deeds and get her punished.

Preeta tells that she will teach a lesson to Mahira after setting things right as she has promised Rakhi that she will not spoil the reception. Sarla takes Preeta inside the house. Sameer, Shrishti and Janki support them.

Rishabh gets helpless to dance with Sherlin. Shrishti and Sameer make a plan to send Mahira away from Karan, so that Preeta takes her place. Sherlin is worried seeing Shrishti and wonders what is she upto.

Sanjana and Ramona see Sarla and Janki back in the reception. Janki keeps the cop lady engaged to help  Preeta can take her place on the dance floor. Sameer drops the juice on the dance floor and makes Mahira fall down. Karan apologizes to Mahira and says that he didn’t make her fall. Mahira sees Shrishti and gets to know of her plan. She goes to clean her clothes. Shrishti and Sameer distract Mahira and lock her in the guest room.

Prithvi is shattered once again that he could not marry Preeta. Pawan tries to comfort him.  He is angry on Preeta now. Pawan tells that he didn’t harm Preeta for his sake but he is much angry now. Prithvi knows Pawan can do anything for him and asks him to worry for him. He gets determined to get Preeta in his life.

Pawan tells Prithvi that he cannot get Preeta in his life, if Karan is alive. Prithvi plans to create such a situation that Preeta will be forced to leave Karan. Sherlin calls him to know about Preeta. Prithvi asks Pawan if Sherlin know about Preeta’s kidnapping. Pawan tells that Mahira had made the kidnapping plan. Prithvi unwilling answers the call and tolerates her anger.

Sherlin tells Prithvi that Preeta has returned home to Karan. She colds him for having a good heart that couldn’t hurt Preeta. He apologizes to her. She gets mad at him. Prithvi tells her that Preeta has turned much dangerous than before. He warns her that Preeta and Janki will expose their crimes.

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