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Kundali Bhagya 18 December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee Tv serial Kundali Bhagya 18th December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (18.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with there’s party at Luthra house for Karan’s success, Rishab gets emotional seeing his brother success. Sameer asks him why is he so emotional, he says a m very happy.

Kareena is talking to guests, her duaghter comes and check if they are going to South Africa to cheer for Karan, Kareen says yes, she gets super excited.

Preeta, Sarla and her family come to party. Srishti congratulates Karan, dadi also wishes him, He looks at Preeta, she says very good, Karan says everyone wished me, but she didn’t say anything and left.

Host makes an announcement and informs that Karan will play in One Day international cricket and appreciates his hard work. Karan takes the mike and says lets enjoy the party now, enough of sweet words for me, he puts on music and dances with his Dadi and then his sister. he shakes a leg with Srsihti. Sameer joins dance floor with Srsihti. Karan calls his mother on dance floor. He dances with Dadi too, Rishab sees Prithvi entering the party and is not very happy to see him Karan also sees him and gets upset. Prithvi is talking to Rakhi. Karan informs Rishab that mom had called Prithvi to party so we have to bear him. karan asks Rishab is his manager had found about prithvi’s past. Rishab says give manager some time, he says i am sure i have seen this Prithvi some where, Karan says put some pressure on mind and let me know, all problem will be solved. Preeta is laughing with Dadi, both Rishab and Karan are lost in her thoughts, Karan thinks why am i so happy looking Preeta happy, he says i am thinking too much. Rishab tells him to respect the guests at party. He tells him to think hard and eat almond and remember about prithvi.

Sherlin comes to the party and Rakhi welcomes them. Karan comes to dadi and Preeta as they are talking and asks them what were they discussing, dadi says ladies talk, Kareena comes and takes him to Sherlin and her mother. Sherlin’s mother congratulates and wishes him and gives gift, Sherlin says i have especially shopped for you, hope you like it. Karan leaves and loos for Preeta.

Rishab sees Sherlin’s mother at the party and gets tensed. He says i didn’t know she would also come here. Srishti sees a small boy and girl lots in each others eyes, Sameer too notices it. he goes to talk to her and remembers that Srishti didn’t want to talk to him, he asks her if she is still upset with me, they get into sweet argument again. She is upset as he told that she is crazy person and he doesnt like her in front of Rakhi. Sameer says i was upset that day, as you had started to come in my dreams. Shrishti says what do i do in your dreams, tell me now, sameer says how can i say she wanted to marry me. Srishti gets distracted with the boys and girl who were playing eye fight game and they again get in to argument. Srsihti and Sameer also play the eye fight game (not to blink eye). Sameer tells the little boy to get tissues for Sristi as she is going to cry, srishti says if i win then you have to tell me your dream.

Prithvi is tensed how to ignore Sherlin’s mother. Janki see Prithvi at the party and stares at him. Dadi praises Prithvi, Janki says something is fishy, he is like a pital ki thaali who is covered with gold, prithvi bumps into Sherlin’s mother, her mother warns him to stay away from her daughter, she talks about the night when she saw his real face, she warms him not to shows his face to her ever again!

Karan spots preeta and goes towards her, he bumps into her and he spiils drinks on her.

They get into a sweet argument again. Karan says oh, Preeta says why can’t you sorry, he says you are teaching me manners, you didn’t even congratulate me like others, you just said very goo, Preeta says who did this magic happen, you don’t even practice, he says i am smart, Preeta says i thought you must have flirted with selector’s daughter and got selected, he says i am selected for my talent. He says girls come behind me, i don’t, he says i don’t have a girlfriend, she says the boy who doesn’t know to says orry, his girlfriend will be lost only. She leaves, He stops her. 


Sarla tells Rishabh i am lucky that i am having a damaad like Prithvi, he s just like you, Rishab asks how can you settle for some just like Rishab and not Rishab, Sarla is shocked. Prithvi tells Sherlin i will kill janki today itself.


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