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Kundali Bhagya 18 November 2020 Written Update: Sherlin gets insecure seeing Preeta getting all the love from family

Kundali Bhagya 18 November 2020 Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kundali Bhagya serial on Zee TV. Mahira asks Bani to bless her along with Karan. Bani Dadi fools her and asks her to have the sargi. She does not want to do against Rakhi’s will for Mahira’s sake.

Sherlin gets happy as she gets Prithvi’s call and expresses her love for him. He makes her angry as she asks her if Preeta has kept a fast for him. She warns him not to think about Preeta as he is dead for her. He makes up for his mess and says that she just wanted to know about Preeta and he is happy that she is away for him. He asks her if she has kept a fast for him for his long life. She says that she cannot keep the fast as she feels hungry all the time due to her pregnancy. He makes her angry again by saying that she will become fat too by eating so much. She decides to tell the Luthra family about her pregnancy. Prithvi wishes that someone keeps a fast for his long life too.

Bani Dadi does a ritual with Preeta which makes her happy. Mahira also demands for shagun. Bani tells her that that there is an extra plate for her. Kareena asks Sherlin to have food before sunrise. Sherlin tells her that she will not be keeping karwachauth fast. Everyone questions her. She says that she cannot keep fast for her husband as she feels much hungry. Kareena says that she will not force Sherlin. Rishabh aslo says that he has no problems with her not keeping the fast not to act good as he always keeps fighting with her their relations are not good enough. She tells everyone that she is pregnant. She says that she couldn’t tell this to Rishabh. Luthra family gets happy with Sherlin’s pregnancy news. Rishabh is much shocked as they never had any marital relations. Sherlin tells everyone that this is real reason for her not to keep the fast. The family congratulates her. She asks Rishabh if he is not happy. Rishabh says in front of everyone that he is happy. Everyone congratulates him on becoming a father.

Shrishti thinks to keep a fast for Sameer as he had nearly proposed her. She thinks not to as she is not married. Bani tells Karan not to trouble Preeta as she is keeping fast for him. Preeta says that she has made breakfast for everyone. Rishabh says he will be going to office. Kareena says that she has cancelled all his meetings and asks hint to stay back at home. Sherlin and Mahira also ask him to stay at home. Rishabh, Karan and Preeta are not much happy with Sherlin’s pregnancy news. Bani Dadi asks Preeta to take rest today and asks Karan to take her to the room. She says that she will make breakfast for Rakhi.

Sherlin gets angry seeing Preeta being pampered by the family despite of her breaking her pregnancy news. She asks Mahira is Ramona’s plan against Preeta will work. Mahira asks her to believe her mother. Sherlin does not want lose to Preeta. She makes Mahira angry when makes her insecure about Luthra family’s bonding with Preeta getting stronger.

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