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Kundali Bhagya 20 August 2020 update: Shrishti finds out Preeta is marrying Karan, not Mahira

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Shrishti fails Mahira’s plan to stop Preeran Marriage

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode (20.08.2020) episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Preeta and Karan’s marriage ritual are on. Karan is unware that Preeta has taken mahira’s place as the bride. Mahira regains consciousness. Sherlin secretly calls Prithvi to check on him. Mahira drops a vase to get her attention. Sherlin hears some noise from Mahira’s room. She thinks to check.

Kareena gets happy that Karan is marrying Mahira. She tells Sanjana that Preeta is his legal wife and could have created troubles in a legal way. She hopes the marriage is completed sooner. Sameer gets a spiked drink for Karan again and tells Dadi that this is drink will give some energy to Karan. Dadi agrees to give him.

Shrishti happens to fall around the bride. She sees Preeta face under the veil and is much shocked. Nobody sees Preeta’s face and that she is sitting in the mandap in place of Mahira. Shrishti gets much happy that Preeta is marrying Karan. She gets worried too and wants to stop Sameer from giving the spiked drink to Karan as she wnats Karan’s marriage to continue now.

Shrishti stops Karan from drinking the juice by pushing Sameer. She asks Karan to continue with the marriage rituals. Sameer thinks why has Shrishti changed their plan suddenly.

Rishabh finds her behaviour weird and takes her aside to talk but she does not tell him anything. Sameer finds Shristi smiling and wonders what is wrong with her. Shrishti wants to be next to Preeta as the marriage proceeds. Soon, she realizes that Mahira can come to the mandap and stop the marriage. She thinks that Preeta may have locked Mahira in her room. She thinks stop Sherlin and Mahira. She rushes towards Mahira’s room.

Sameer also goes behind her but Kareena stops him and says that Shrishti must be going to console Preeta who would be in tears as Karan is getting married to Mahira.

Sherlin talks to Prithvi on the phone and misses to see Mahira behind the table. Prithvi tells Sherlin that once Karan and Mahira marry, then Preeta will be free. Sherlin gets furious and says that she would kill Preeta. Shrishti finds Mahira trying to hint Sherlin for help. She tricks Sherlin by making a fake call. Sherlin thinks that Preeta is spying in her room and rushes to confront her.

Shrishti sees Mahira coming out of her room. She hits Mahira on her head. Mahira faints down again. Shrishti hides Mahira in the room again.

Preeta and Karan begin to take the pheras. Karan misses Preeta and is not happy to marry Mahira. Sherlin does not find Preeta in her room and wonders why did Shrishti lie to her. She thinks something is wrong as Preeta is not seen anywhere.

Preeta hopes that her and Karan’s marriage alliance is for seven births as she takes the pheras with Karan.

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