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Kundali Bhagya 20 November 2020 Update: Preeta gets poisoned

Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya serial on Zee TV. Rishabh remains disturbed with Sherlin’s pregnancy news. Karan tells Rishabh and Sameer that Preeta is not fighting with as she is keeping the fast. He says it is good that she remains low on energy due to the fast. But soon he realizes that he likes Preeta when she fights with him and not this clam and sweet Preeta.

Rishabh asks him to take care of Preeta as it is her fist Karwachauth. He wishes that the distances between them ends and they come closer. Karan tells Rishabh that he did not fight with Preeta as he didn’t want to spoil his image. Sameer question him that why is he not talking about Mahira and only Preeta. He asks them not to tease him. Sameer tells Rishabh that he knows that Karan loves Preeta. Rishabh says that Karan has a lot of attitude and hence he will not admit his feelings so easily. Preeta tries hard to pass the time and bear the hunger.

Bani Dadi reprimands Mahira for taking Karwachauth fast so lightly and hurting their feelings. She tells her about the importance of this fast for them. Kareena also condemns Mahira for behaving like a kid and not controlling her hunger pangs. Mahira saves herself by lying to them. She tells them that she was taking care of Sherlin who was feeling much dizzy due to her pregnancy state. She says that she was feeding Sherlin. She tells them that she is not Preeta to do a drama and get their attention. She says that she is feeling hungry and dizzy, but she will not break the fast. Kareen and Bani feels bad and say sorry to her for misunderstanding her.

Sherlin realizes that Mahira is very clever to use her name to save herself. She decides to deal with Mahira once they have ousts Preeta from Karan and Luthra family lives. Bani Dadi gets going with arrangements for Karwachauth. She asks Rishabh why does he not look happy with Sherlin’s pregnancy news. She says that he has always been such a responsible person and he should take the responsibility of his child too. Kareena thinks that Rishabh is reacting just like hi father Mahesh when he found out that Rakhi was pregnant.

Karan tells everyone that he had asked Rakhi not to fast but Rakhi is still keeping a fast for Mahesh. Bani knows that Rakhi is doing it so that Mahesh recovers soon. She gets much emotional thinking of Mahesh.

Kareena does not like Bani supporting Preeta just like Rakhi. Bani says that she appreciates that Preeta has respected them and is doing handling all the work herself and hence they should also support her. Bani tells Kareena that Preeta is unwell and she is being considerate towards her. Kareena thinks that Preeta is only pretending to be unwell.

Later, Mahira challenges Preeta that she will be considered Karan’s wife and not her. Preeta gets sad when Kareena calls Mahira as Karan’s wife. She feels unwell but hides it from the family.

Mahira tells Preeta that she is not well and yet she is hiding the pain from everyone. She gets happy to be with Karan. Preeta does not want to use her pain to get their attention like Mahira does. Mahira argues with Preeta to upset her further. She tells Preeta that even Rakhi will not be able to help her this time and she will get her thrown out soon. She warns her that she can even kill anyone to get her rights on Karan.

She asks Preeta to take her warning and not to misbehave with her. She tells Preeta that this time she will shut the door on her face and throw her out of their lives forever. Preeta is not scared of her threatening.

Further, Mahira and Ramona poison Preeta’s food to kill her. Preeta faints down before breaking the fast. The doctor reveals that Preeta was poisoned. This leaves everyone shocked. Karan and Rishabh doubt Mahira. Sherlin realizes that Ramona can be really dangerous and and she should be careful from her.

Will Karan take a stand for Preeta against Mahira after this incident? We will have to wait and watch!

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