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Kundali Bhagya 21 December 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (21.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Janki asks Kareena where is the food, Kareen thinks otherwise and recalls how she had got into an argument with Janki during Roka, when Janki had denied o get a glass of juice for her. 

Janki says i wanted to ask you where are food arrangement. She says don’t you really remember, oh poor you, you have really lost your memory. Let me remind you, you used to be fond of me as i was your favoruite guest and you used to take good care of my needs, why don’t you get me some juice, may be you will recollect. Janki goes to get juice for her, she then goes to her and stops, she tells the waiter to take juice for Kareena. Kareena tells the waiter to go, she asks Janki i had told you to get juice, Janki says i did not want to because i don’t recollect serving you ever in my life, in fact i feel like being angry with you i get irked seeing you for some reason, Kareena says what!! Janki tells her to drink juice and leaves.

Preeta says Sofiya will come now by 10.30, let me send him to his bedroom, Karan remembers Sofiya will be coming soon, he tells Rishab he has to go, preeta comes and tells him someone is waiting for you in your room. karan is happy to go to his room, Preeta says smile smile, in sometime, the girls will beat you up and teach you a lesson for flirting with so many girls at a time.

Rishab is unaware that preeta was in Karan’s room some time back and shares with preeta that Karan’s girlfriend is hiding in his room. Preeta feels weird. She leaves and thinks to see how Karan will get bashed up by the girls, preeta follows him, he is shocked to see sofiya in his room as she was supposed to meet him on porch. He is happy to meet sofiya. he sings, sofiya is in my room.. sofiya is in my room… Preeta hides behind the curtain in Karan’s room. She says lose luthra get ready to be beaten up by girl shoes. Sofia comes into his room, she gives him flowers and closes the door, she hugs him and he flirts with her, room door knocks, he says let me check, he is shocked to see Malishka, he says i had told her to see me behind the house, he says Oh MG God, Sofiya shots at him that you had called me to meet you. He says i didn’t call her, but she came on her own, let me handle her, you hide behind the curtain. Karan gets malishka inside the room, he congratulates him, she says i am so happy for you, she says we should spend time in your room and dance together, they dance, door knocks again, its other girl, she says hi, he tells Malishka that its his mom and tells her to hide behind the curtain, Preeta coughs, he thinks its preeta, and wonders how can she be here, the third girl congrats him, she asks why have you called priyanka, she is bad, she says your other girlfriends are very bad dats why you called me nah to see you in your room all alone, i am special for you nah, Preeta says now he is trapped, Karan is good for this only, Priyanka comes in room and asks what is this grild doing with you, Karan is stuck, he makes an excuse, fifth grils comes and says karan only wanted to meet me, they argue that Karan only want to meet them individually, preeta says good, fight and take Karan’s case, Karan is tensed, Sofiya asks Karan what is all this, you wanted to meet me only, Karan keeps saying main main, Malishka blames Sofiya to be behind Karan, all girls fight, they says karan sirf mujhe pyaar karta hai and fight with each other for Karan.

The girls fight, Preeta says these girls should fight with Karan but they are fighting with each other, he shouts at them to stop and asks them invited them together in his room, he said i don’t want to break your heart, thats why i had five mins with each one of you, Sofiya says you secretary called form you phone and told me to come to your om, all say the same thing, Karan says what, he tells tem to leave as he is disturbed, they say let me be with you and fight again, he shouts and tells them to go, sofiya says you are such a bad guy, sofiya breaks up with him, and rest grils also break up with him and say bye forever, Karan think who must have done this, he checks his phone and thinks, this is preeta’s prank, she says you did very wrong preeta, sofiya sees preeta and asks did Karan call you also in his room, malishka says we have broken up with him.

preeta shares with srishti that the girls didn’t fight with Karan but among themselves, Srishti says that because he is one and only one Karan, dats why, Preeta frowns, she says every girls want to be his girlfriend, Preeta says i don;t know why you like him so much, i juts hate him and his mixed attitude, Srishti says i know my feeling but do you, preeta says what do you mean, srishti tries to find out preeta’s feelings for karan, Preeta says what….

Sameer calls for dance on the floor, he calls everyone, Prithvi takes Preeta for dance, she feels shy, Sameer takes Srishti for dance, Rakhi tells Sherlin and Rishab to dance, sherlin says its big day for Karan, we should dance, khwab hai tu need hoon main song plays…. Srsihti looks at sameer while dancing, rishab looks at Preeta and Prithvi dancing, Karan holds Preeta’s hand to dance. She looks at him, he stares at her, Rishab-Shelrin also look, prithi is upset with Karan’s offer to dance with preeta, song changes, Karan agrily dances with Preeta, on gustakhiyan, betabiyaan hai song, he is angry with her, preeta is surprised as she dances, she also responds and dances angrily with him, they have a passionate dance, sherlin is upset, prithvi too.


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