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Kundali Bhagya 21 November 2019 update: Mahira mom against Karan-Mahira marriage

Kundali Bhagya latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Sherlin gets mad hearing Sarla’s proposal for Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage. She warns him not to marry Preeta else she will expose their relation in front of Sarla. Prithvi tries to calm her down. He wants to very much marry Preeta but Sherlin is coming in his way. She asks Prithvi to go and insult Preeta but he refuses to do so. He tells her not to take his test.

Prithvi promises Sherlin that he will not marry Preeta. Sherlin slaps Prithvi as she does not want him to lie to her. She asks him to go and tell Prithvi that he hates her and Preeta.

Janki gets to hear the sound of slap and decides to check out as she is convinced is not a good guy. Sarla tries to stop her from spying on Prithvi. Janki and Sarla miss to see Prithvi and Sherlin’s hug as Prithvi tries to calm her down. Prithvi makes an excuse in front of Sarla and Janki that his mom slapped him when he spoke to her about his and Preeta’s marriage. He tries to tell Sarla that he cannot marry Preeta as he cannot go against his mom while knowing that Sherlin is around and can expose him if he agrees for the marriage. Sarla shows understanding.

At Luthra house, Rakhi and Kareena have a good time with Mahira’s mom Ramona. Karan and Mahira come home. Ramona meets Karan and gets happy that her daughter is marrying Karan. Kareena sees that Karan is disturbed. Mahira informs her how Karan and Preeta helped save her while she was in danger. She tells Kareena in order to keep Preeta away from Karan. Everyone gets shocked knowing Preeta is Karan’s physiotherapist in the cricket club. He asks Mahira not to come to the club anymore as she go for his practice over and personal matters can be spoken at home. Ramona thinks why is Karan talking about Preeta. Mahira handles the situation.

Prithvi informs Sherlin that Sarla wants to talk to his mom. She asks him to handle a situation as she has to leave to meet a friend. Prithvi gets an opportunity to meet Preeta and agree for the marriage.

Later, Ramona is gets a big shock upon learning that Karan is already married. Mahira’s best friend Sonia too is shocked. Ramona does not approve of Karan and Mahira’s marriage as she does not want her daughter to be in a bad relationship. Mahira tries to convince her that Karan’s first marriage is not known to anyone. Her mom asks her not to marry a married man but she manages to convinces Ramona and Sonia to approve the marriage.

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