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Kundali Bhagya 22 October Written Update: Preeta confronts Sherlin over her affair with Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 22 October Written Episode: Preeta warns Sherlin

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Preeta warns Sherlin of exposing her evil deeds to everyone. She tells her that she is sparing her this time as she believes in making relation and not breaking them. She does not want to break the family and make them upset. She tells Sherlin to stop her evil deeds against the family and become a part of it whole heartedly.

Preeta confronts Sherlin about her affair with the Prithvi. She tells her the Janki has regained her lost memory and has told her the entire truth about her accident night. She shouts at her for trying kill Janki who wanted to expose their affair. She says that Janki has already suffered a lot because of Prithvi and her. She warns her from hurting anybody anymore.

Sherlin is not scared of Preeta and accepts her affair with Prithvi. She tells her about how she is married Rishabh and asks Preeta not to threaten her. Preeta calls her foolish and warns to expose Mahira and her deeds to the family. She is sure that Luthra family will beleive her. Sherlin gets tensed as she knows that Karan would believe in Preeta, even if no one else believes her.

At the same time, Sarla and Janki discuss about all the happenings at the reception party. Sarla realizes that Shrishti has fallen in love for Sameer. Janki is already aware of it. She tells Janki that Sherlin is kiddish and it is not good for her to get involved with Sameer. She knows that Kareena will never accept Shrishti and does not want her daughter to suffer. Janki thinks that Sameer is a good guy, jus like Rishabh and not like insensible and hyper like Karan. She thinks him to be a suitable guy for Shrishti and it would be good that she marries Sameer, since Preeta is in the same family.

Rakhi recollects Sarla’s word and realizes that she was right about her objection let Mahira stay back in Luthra house. She wants to support Preeta. She is happy the way Preeta handled the situation at the party and did not ruin Luthra family name. She knows that Mahira tried to ruin their family image and Preeta saved their respect. She realises that Mahira was behind Preeta’s disappearance. She decides to will make Mahira out of the house and do justice to Preeta.

Further, Karan and Preeta have a cute argument over TV remote. She tells that he always fights, he never leaves a chance to fight. He blames her for always fighting. This argument leads to a romantic moment between them.

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