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Kundali Bhagya 26 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (26.02.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with to be Preeta and Karan are dancing.

Preeta tells him that i want to clear that my concern, friendship with you, hope you don’t misunderstand it to be something else. Prithvi is upset to see them dance, Karan tells her i also wanted to tell you the same thing, i don’t want anything to come between our friendship, he says i am glad you told this as i also wanted to says so, i promise we will be good friend, preeta also wants to promise, but they switch partners and she starts dancing with Rishab while looking at karan, Rishab asks her if Karan has troubled her again, she says no, they agin switch, preeta tells Karan you are strange and cute, they smile.

After dance, Karan tells Preeta that he purposely made pruthvi fall so he could dance with her, Preeta is surprised.

Rakhi and Kareena are in car parking and Kareena drop jwellery bag, a goon (hired by prithvi) is watching them and informs his boss Raja Bhai that there is lots of jwellery and grand party here, raja bhai tells hi other men to get ready for robbery.

Preeta says i will scold karan for his mischief with Karan, she is walking to him while prithvi is looking at her from behind, he says karan and Preeta’s friendship is going too far ever since he has saved her from fire incident. Preeta looks at Karan agrily and walks to him, sarla stops her and asks her for Janki, preeta says janki was tired, so prithvi ok her to guest room.

Preeta wonders where did kadwa karela (karan go), he looks at her with rose in hand and makes sweet gestures, preeta goes towards him, he runs upstairs, preeta follows him, srishti see this and says how romantic, sarla looks for preeta to bring janki, srishti stops her from disturbing preeta who is behind karan.

Rakhi and Kareen reach home and are happy that they got such heavy and expensive jewellery to show off to Sherlin’s Chachi. The goon keep eye on them. two other guests come and inform Kareen that they are waiting for a relative. the goon informs his boss that two women are in parking area outside luthra house, raja bhai says we are on ur way.

Kareena goes to Sherlin’s Chachi to give it back to her for insulting them earlier, she taunts her about showing off. She says if you see our jwellery now, you will be shocked, Chachi says why are u making such a big scene of small thing, Kareena tells Sherlin’s mum that ask your relatives to mind their tongue, this is Luthra’s party, don’t forget we are from boy’s side, Chachi asks Sherlin what is wrong with Sherlin that you are marrying her in this house, she says Kareen is fond of Sherlin. 

Srsihti overhears and instigates Sherlin’s mother saying what is wrong with Sherlin as you are taking kareen’s tantrums. Sherlin’s mum knows Srishti and preeta don’t want sherlin to marry Rishab and avoids her, Sameer asks Srishti what was she doing with sherlin’s mum, she says just time pass. she winks, sameer says for first time saw you being shy after winking, she gets conscious and avoids him.

Karan is waiting for preeta and she chases him while he runs away from her, he calls her hunterwali, she says if i am hunterwali then u are characterless, she runs to beat him, he gets stopped by Mahesh uncle, Karan stops to save him from preeta, mahesh’s friend talk about Tashi who is interested in another girl, he gets conscious, mahesh’s friend says he is not ready for marriage, looks like is is interested in that girl (preeta), mahesh says that is preeta she is a good friend to karan.

Karan once again runs away from preeta as she is upset with him from hurting prithvi to dance with him.

Prithvi goes in corner to call the goon to check on their status to implement his plan. he reminds them of his plan to become a hero by beating up the goons while they rob Luthra ladies and beat up Karan-Rishab as well as trouble Preeta. Srishti gets Janki out of guest room in corridor where Prithvi is trying to call the goons. Janki looks at him and Prithvi is tensed to see Janki. 

Janki recollects everything about Prithvi’s evil attack on her and is furious but cannot say anything. Prithvi hides himself. Srishti sees Janki is uneasy

Kundali Bhagya 27th February 2018 Precap:

Sriahti tries to find out what is bothering Janki while Prithvi hides himself from being seen to srishti.

Kundali Bhagya-Kumkum Bhagya Holi Special Episode on 03 March to bring interesting twists


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