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Kundali Bhagya 26 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 26th January 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (26.01.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Janki points out at Sherlin and Prithvi saying that she had seen both of them behind Lohri fire.

Prithvi and Sherlin are tensed. She says i saw them and recollected something, Srishti says yes, in knew Sherlin was behind everything (Kumkum Bhagya fire incident). Srishti also asks if she also saw Prithvi with her, Janki says she saw something but not clearly, Prithvi and Sherlin are relieved, Preeta’s Dadi says what janki, we thought you got all your memory back, sarla says its ok, she is not well, lets not stress her out. She tells Luthras that they would leave with Janki so all of them can attend the function again. Janki can also rest in Srala’s house.

Rakhi says Karan to drop the, Karaeena stops him and says Sameeer will drop them as she is not feeling well, Karan takes Kareena to her room while he keeps looking back at Preeta, she also looks at him, he bangs his head o n the door, she smiles, Kareena asks him where was he looking, preeta smiles again.

Sameer drops Sarla and everyone at their home, he says i have to leave, Sarla says to wait, he says i have to hurry, Janki taunts saying you were looking all the time at Srishti in the car, i saw. Preeta smiles for Srsihti. Sarla says Janki you are not well, why don’t you rest. Sameer leaves. Srsihti goes behind them, they have a nok-jhok, she says you are very good person, he laughts, she feels bad , he says its rare that you will talk good about me.

Karan calls on Sameer’s phone, preeta thinks should i receive it, but she think sthat karan might say that she was eager to talk to him, but she makes her mind to take the call, till then Karan cuts the call, she feels sad. She goes out and sees Sameer and Srishti together and feels good about their pair. She gives Sameer his phone and tells that Karan had called him, he rushes back home. Preeta tells Srishti to bend down and blesses her that she and sameer whould always be happy, srishti wonders what is her di doing, she asks preeta, preeta says its my prayer, its scared and secret, i can’t tell you.  Srishti asks if it was good blessing, she says yes.

Karan is at home, he thinks about Preeta and their moment during Lohri, and calls her, but she does not receive the call. His father comes to his room as Rakhi is upset with him since he had ladoos despite being diabetic. Karan, Rishab and Rakhi take his class and they have some nok-jhok.

Sherlin meets prithvi, she tells him that Janki has a big ower in her hand to expose them, they can’t be in fear like that, prithvi says think like this, we were lucky this time, she didn’t remember anything, we will plan something solid this time to kill her and take out this problem. Prithvi’s mother comes and Shelrin hides herself with a bed cover like a stool. prithvi’s mom is surprised he came back soon fromLuthra’s function, she sits of Sherlin’s back and stamps on her hands with her foot, Sherlin is in pain but cannot shout.

At Sarla’s house, everyone is sleeping while their family frame with Preeta, srishti, Sarla falls and breaks. Janki still gets flashback of prithvi and sherlin but it is not clear, she is scared.


Janki remembers everything and tells everyone including Luthra,s prithvi, sherlin and Sarla family that she had seen Prithvi and Sherlin having affair and they had tried to kill her, Prithvi says she is lying.

Rishab slaps him and Prithvi falls down.


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