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Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2020 Written Update: Karan and Preeta moment of love

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2020 Written Episode: Rishabh and Sherlin get into an argument

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya serial on Star Plus. Preeta scares Karan by talking about abnormal activities. Karan is unable to sleep. Kareena Bua meets Sameer and warns him for having any relations from Preeta. She tells him that she hates Shrishti and asks him not to get involved with her. Sameer gets a call from Shrishti. Kareena Bua shouts at him and disconnects the call.

Shrishti realizes that Sameer would be around Kareena and hence he did not receive her call. She worries for him and does not want Kareena to come in between their love.

Sarla asks Shrishti to sleep. She finds her to be too innocent and wants her to be away from Luthra family. She does not want Shrishti’s fate to be like Preeta’s fate. She knows that Preeta is already fighting for her place in Luthra family. She feels bad that even Karan does not support her. She prays for Preeta.

Karan is unable to sleep and wakes up in middle of the night. He finds Preeta feeling very cold and takes care of her. He switches off the AC. he looks at her innocence and falls for her. He blames her of always fighting with her while she is asleep.

Rishbh also gets up and is surprised to see Sherlin. She had gone to meet Prithvi and come back late. She acts good in front of him. He tells her that she doe snot want anything. He asks her about being away from the house. She lies to him that he had gone to meet Mahira. Rishabh asks her to come with better excuses.

Preeta gets up late next day. She finds Karan is not around and curses him for leaving her as she gets late for the Mu Dikhai ritual. She sees Karan sleeping in the balcony. She realizes that he had switched off the AC for her sake and went out to sleep. She is happy to know about his concern for her.

Rishabh warns Sherlin not to meet Mahira as she bring troubles for everyone. He asks her not to put herself in any trouble. Sherlin thinks that Rishabh is falling for her as he warns her about Mahira. However, she is not ready to change as wants to separate Karan and Preeta at any cost. She wants to continue supporting Mahira in her evil plans.

Preeta gets ready up for the Mu dikhai ritual. Karan gets lost looking at how pretty she looks. He finds her talking to herself and goes to help her. He tells that he has come to help her to get saved from her madness. They have a sweet moment as Preeta admits that he loves her.

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