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Kundali Bhagya 30 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (30.01.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Janki kicks Prithvi on his back. prithvi curses Sherlin for kicking him in the misddle of night. He gest up and is shocked to see Janki. She slaps him.

She says this slap is not enough, your face should be blackened and roamed aournd entire city for entire city to see. Sherlin attacks Janki and takes the rod from her, Janki turns back and shows them a knife, she tells him to drop the rod.

Prithvi tells her to relax, she says i have gone crazy, i have never hated anybody, but i hate you both, you both are worst person. prithvi tries to talk to her and confesses that once me and Prithvi were involved in a relationship, but we should have understood that it was our past and rishab and Preeta are our present respectively, he says we have promised each other that we will not meet each other, she says stop your drama, you guys are sleeping together. She says i know Sherlin had attacked me and you guys had burned Kumkum Bhagya hall, she says i wish i could kill you and die myself.

She curses Sherlin that she is ruining Rishab and Preeta’s life, she says you are a naagin, prithvi again attacks Janki and they struggle, Janki falls on the ground and she loses the knife, Prithvi hold sher by her hair and says stop your nonsense and listen to me. He says you have made me so angry you don’t know the consequences, you have to know i will not let you ruin my plans, you have given us so much tension, you will be punished, and its you death, i will kill you today, he says Janki you are fool to come on your own to get killed by me, Sherlin tells Prithvi please kill her soon.

Srishti and Preeta are sleeping, srishti tells Preeta to sleep on her side, they argue over sleeping comfortably, Srishti asks her to give water from her side, preeta says get on you own, preeta ignore her, srishti sees water bottle is empty, preeta tells her to fill it.

prithvi is about to stab Janki with a knife, but he stops and smiles as Janki is scared, he says i am feeling good seeing Janki scared, he says don’t worry i will kill you slowly, i will attack you 25 -25 times, you can go to heaven and not interfere in anybody’s life, this is my warning to you, he says i will feel good to see her in pian and trouble, sherlin says i will also feel good, she says Janki had slapped me too, Prithvi you had promised me that you will not pare anyone who troubles me, he says before she dies, let me tell her the secret, else she will haunt me, he reveals that i am not interested in your daughter Preeta, i love Sherlim, there is no conversation between preeta and sherlin, sherlin reveals that Rishab is in love with preeta, hence to keep them separated i asked Prithvi to bring Preeta’s marriage proposal, she says our plan was going good, until you came, she says why are you being with a guy like prithvi when you are marrying Rishab Luthra, Sherlin says i have no time for explaination for a maid like you, but let me tell you when Prithvi will marry preeta, he will make Preeta’s life hell.

Prithvi says i will also target srishti as she irritates me a lot, sherlin says i will make your dadi my maid and sarla too. Prithvi says we have told too much to this Janki, now we have to end her life, sherlin says yes, Janki hits prithvi between his legs and she manages to run.

Srishti comes out in hall and finds out that main door is open, she is upset on who kept the door open, she wonders who came last in the house, she thinks again there is some thief in the house, may be its the same thief who had come last time. She goes in Janki’s room and finds her missing, she looks for Janki in the house and calls out everyone in the night, Sarla yells at her for shouting, she tell sarla and preeta that Janki is missing and the door was open. Sarla says may be she is on the terrace, srishti says i think there is something wrong as main door was open.

Janki is running way from prithvi and she drops something, prithvi’s mom gets up and wonders what is going on in the house, Prithvi holds Janki and shuts her mouth, janki tries to scream, prithvi’s mum come sout of her room and calls for him, P & S are tensed. Sherlin hides with Janki in a corner while prithvi talks to his mother, she asks if you heard anything. Prithvi says i watching crimes series on TV, i am sorry i disturbed you. he says you should take sleeping pills to sleep properly. his mum leaves. Sherlin says how will we kill her in your house, he says we will kill her outside and throw her in a lake where crocodiles will eat her, no one will find her body, Janki bites Sherlin and runs into a room, they get inside the room, janki is behind the door, she gets out and locks both of them, Janki tells them now i know all your plans, i will now go and tell Rishab and Karan everything, she says your life will be worse than death, i will punish, Sherlin curses Prithvi to tell all their plan, he says shut up and let me think, sherlin says my bad dream will come true, rishab and karan will beat up and me, they are tensed.


Srishti is worried that Janki is kidnapped, Karan comes to Sarla house and says may be Janki has got her memory back and she has gone behind the culprit.


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