Kundali Bhagya update: Karan and Preeta Valentine Day romance, truck driver chase drama ahead

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Karan and Preeta chase truck driver Babbi

In the ongoing track of Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms) we have seen that Preeta is taken to the jail in a police car after her court hearing gets delayed. Sarla and Karan are both worried for Preeta but Sarla misunderstands Karan’s intentions as Sherlin instigate her against Karan. Karan meets Shristi and tells her to trust him that he will save Preeta.

The police car meets with an accident and the police men and Preeta get injured. The inspector saves himself leavings others behind while Preeta helps the other police man. She notices the truck driver Babbi who could lead her to the real culprit who is framing her for Mahira’s accident. A cops thanks Preeta and asks her to go behind the driver to prove her innocence. He gives a phone to her

Preeta calls Shristi and informs her. Karan who is with Shristi gets to know about the driver and rushes to meet Preeta on a bike. They reach a dhaba as they chase the truck driver. Karan’s bike runs out of a fuel. They manage to get a car from a couple who turns out to be Karan’s fan. A flower vendor asks Karan to buy flowers from him and help him financially. Karan buts flowers for Preeta and decides to make it special day for her. He shows Preeta the car filled with flowers and Valentines’ gifts. She gets much surprised and they have sweet moment together.

Karan and Preeta will be chasing Babbi to find out the culprit behind Mahira’s truck accident mishap. Will Mahira’s truth come out? Will Karan save Preeta? Our guess is that Mahira will play smart and blame Sherlin for framing Preeta with false charges.

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