Kundali Bhagya update: Preeta gets arrested again

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Sherlin gets fake proof against Preeta

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. It would be seen that Rakhi meets Sarla and Arora family. She apologizes for the troubles Preeta had to face and that she trusts that Preeta can never hurt anyone.

She assures Mahira will withdraw the police complaint Preeta. She asks Sarla and Preeta to stay relieved and not take any tensions.

Aroras get another shock as Police comes to Sarla’s house to arrest Preeta once again. Sarla gets much worried for Preeta as she is called for interrogation. Inspector says she was accused for trying to kill Mahira Khanna and pushing her in front of truck. He says now she is charged with two more cases. Preeta and Sarla are shocked and tells the cop that she is innocent.

Sherlin gets fake proof against Preeta by tampering the video clip and showing the Preeta had pushes Mahira before the truck.

What will happen next? Will Karan will save Preeta? Or will he break Preeta’s trust once again? We will have to wait and watch!

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