Kundali Bhagya update: Preeta gets to know of Karan and Mahira marriage

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Karan agrees to marry Mahira

Here’s what will happen in today’s (19.03.2020) episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. It would be seen that Preeta and her family get to know that Karan is marrying Mahira. Preeta tells Sarla that she is not hurt as she does not care that Karan is getting married and he should move on in life. She is much hurt that Karan did not support her while she was being blamed of trying to hurt Mahesh.

Kareena tells that she wants to get Karan and Mahira get married at the earliest. She forces Karan to agree to marry Mahira in order save his family from Preeta’s evil plans. She asks Karan to break his silence. Karan agrees to marry Mahira. Rishabh is much shocked with Karan’s decision. Sherlin congratulates Mahira who is very happy.

Sherlin calls Preeta to inform her about Karan and Mahira’s marriage date being fixed and wants to insult her. Preeta tell her that he does not love Karan and does care about his wedding news.

What will happen next? Will Karan get married to Mahira? Or does he have a plan to expose Sherlin and Mahira. We will have to wait and watch!

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