Kundali Bhagya update: Rishabh gets Preeta bailed out of jail

Kundali Bhagya 23 January 2020 written update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Shrishti is unable to tell Preeta that Karan did is not attending her calls and gives her false hopes that Karan and Sarla will get her out of jail. But soon, she breaks down. Preeta senses something is wrong and asks her if Karan is not believing her once again.

Sarla comes back to police station and remains speechless. Preeta asks her if Luthras are going to help her. Sarla feels helpless. Rakhi gets upset with Kareen for locking her up in the room. Kareena apologizes to her. rakhi says that today she feels that she is alone in the house as Mahesh is in coma and Kareena could lock her up in his absence. Kareena says she would have still done it anyways for her family.

Mahira feels good as Karan spends time with her. Kareena calls him to inform about Sarla coming home to save Preeta and how they have denied to her. Karan agrees with her which surprises Kareena and makes Mahira even more happy. Rishabh calls karan but he does not take Rishabh’s calls. He rushes to the police station to meet Preeta.

Sarla vents out anger on Rishabh and he understands her pain. He is sure that Preeta can never hurt anyone. He hugs Sarla and Janki. Sarla begs him to save Preeta. He informs her that Preeta’s bail is processed and they can take her home soon.

Sherlin rejoices that she has got Preeta arrested and praises herself. She hates Preeta a lot and wants to get Preeta out of her life. She wants Karan to marry Mahira. She is glad that Rishabh is not in town to save Aroras. Rishah gets into an argument with the inspector as she asks Rishabh to leave. He says that he will not leave until his lawyer comes. The lawyer come and they finish all paperwork to free Preeta.

Preeta and her family thank Rishabh. He tells them that they are family to him. Shrishti knows that Preeta is missing Karan and feels bad to break her hopes.

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