Kundali Bhagya update: Rishabh to get Preeta out of jail

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Rishabh rushes to save Preeta

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. It would be seen that Sarla begs Rakhi and Dadi to take back the complaint against Preeta. She knows that Kareena and Sherlin hate Preeta.

Ramona gets upset with Rakhi and tells ther her that she is aware that Preeta attacked Mahira in the hospital. She asks her how can she not support Mahira. Rakhi knows that Preeta can never hurt anyone. Kareena takes Rakhi away.

Dadi thinks of telling Sarla about Preeta’s legal notice but Sarla gets into an argument with Ramona. Sarla warns Ramona not to speak anymore ill about Preeta. She clarifies that Preeta doe snot love Karan and has no problems with his marriage to Mahira. Rakhi wants to intervene but Kareena locks her in the room and instructs the servants not to help Rakhi.

Sameer calls Shrishti to inform about a business deal that he gets and feels happy about it. He faces her wrath as she is upset with Preeta’s arrest. She breaks down and tells him the entire matter and Mahira’s conspiracy against Preeta to keep her away from Karan. She tells him that Preeta is suffering and Karan is not even helping them.

Ramona and Sarla get into dirty argument while Dadi feels helpless for helping Sarla. Kareena blames Sarla of fake emotions and tears. Kareena and Sherlin asks Sarla to leave. Sarla and Janki get angry on Sherlin. Sarla is not ready to go unless Luthra take back the complaint. Janki argues with Luthra and says that they don’t deserve Preeta. Ramona calls Preeta a criminal. Sarla thinks she did a big mistake to come to Luhtras for help.

Sameer contacts Karan but is unable to reach him. He calls Rishabh who is at the airport as he flight gets cancelled. Sameer tells him about Preeta being jailed because of Mahira’s allegations. He tells him that Sherlin has filed a complaint. Rishabh feels bad that karan has not helped Preeta. He rushes to save Preeta leaving his important work.

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