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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 06 May 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 06th May 2017 Written Update, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 06.05.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 06 May 2017 episode starts with Abeer sits in the car and take flight to reach Mumbai along with Amla.. They reach hotel. Abeer gets down the taxi and waits for Amla to come out. She comes out and runs to hotel. Receptionist asks Abeer to show his ID card and says Mrs and Mr Abeer Anand. Abeer shows it. He tells that Viren Asthana booked double room for them and tells that its view is good and road facing. Abeer takes out money from the envelope and is about to pay, but Receptionist says it is already paid by Viren. Amla tells that she will not stay with him in one room and needs separate room. Receptionist says another room is not available. Abeer says 1 min and goes to talk to Amla. He says even I don’t want this, but they don’t have another room. He says you have to stay here until your brother and sister in law comes.

Amla says I will leave. Abeer says you will not go anywhere until your brother comes. Amla asks him to die. Abeer says pray for it, it is good. She goes out and feels drowsy and falls down the stairs. Abeer runs to her. Amla is unconscious. Abeer stops himself from touching her. Manager asks him to make her sit on where chair, and take to room, says he will call Doctor. Abeer asks ladies to help her. They make her sit on wheel chair. Doctor checks Amla and says everything is fine. He tells that she fainted due to weakness and tells that she has a fracture on her foot and asks him to call him if she gets vomiting or headache. While Abeer gets a nap sitting on chair. He recalls the trauma which she had faced when his friends raped her. He stands up and goes near her to check her breath. He is relieved seeing her breathing. He calls Karuna and says his phone battery is low. Karuna asks how are you? Abeer says he is in Mumbai.

Karuna asks about Amla. Abeer says she is here? And her family is going to come soon. She asks do you have money? Abeer says yes. Karuna asks what did you decide? Abeer’s phone battery gets low and switches off. Abeer thinks he forgot charger. Karuna says how they will live. Amla opens her eyes and sees Abeer standing. She gets up from the bed. Abeer asks where you are going and asks her to rest quietly. He says Doctor advised you not to move as you have a head injury. He says you have problem with me, so I will go. He says this is not our pind so we shall take care. He goes out. Amla locks the door. Abeer goes to receptionist. Receptionist asks about Amla’s health. Abeer says fine. He asks about the nearest mobile shop to buy charger. Receptionist tells the address. Abeer asks him to send some food to his room. Receptionist asks what do your wife likes? Abeer asks him to send milk and sandwiches. Abeer comes to the shop and asks the man to charge his phone.

Amla hears door bell. She asks who is here? Room service guy says he came. She opens the door and asks who sent this. Room service guy tells that Abeer told him before leaving. Amla takes it, but is furious. Evan talks to someone and says people gives more money to the view homes. He eyes Rasika and invites the man to his office. Abeer calls Evan. Evan ends the call and attends Abeer’s call. He says I was about to call you, but got busy. Abeer says I am in Mumbai and wants to meet you. Evan says I am busy right now. Abeer says I want to meet you and others also. Evan says I will talk to others and will send you message. Abeer ends the call. Evan is shocked.

Viraj says he remembers her innocent eyes. Abeer gets angry and asks him not to say anything else he will kill him. Viraj feels guilty. Suveer and Evan try to stop him. Amla thinks why she shall stay with him and gets scared seeing men on road. She keeps hand on her ears.


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