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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15 April 2017 Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 15th April 2017 Written Episode  Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 15.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15 April 2017 episode starts with Suveer says we have to talk to Mama who can help us and tells Evan to call Mama. Evan says what will we tell him.

Dev calls his mother on landline. She is scared to pick up the phone. His father tells her how can we hide this incident. Everyone in the village knows. He says i will tell him something so he can come here. Dev calls on his father’s cell while his mother says he is travelling in car, how will he handle all of this. She curses Amla that why did she have to go so late at that time in the night.

Landline rings and she says let it ring. What if something happens to my son on the road. His fathers thinks of telling his friend to call Dev back in Dharamshala. Dev sits in his car to leave for home.

The four boys meet Evan’s Mama. Evan tries to explain. Mama slaps him and says whta have you don, you have no brains. what if you father find out. Viraj says we were drunk. Suveer says.. Mam says stop.. you always think about money and your shared… you have ruined everything. Now get ready to be jailed. Do you know about jail. you have come to me.. what do you wnat to ask me… you will rape someone and you can come to me for doing anything. He says no one can you. Evan begs his mama to save them. Mama says don’t touch me and stay away. Suveer says lets get the girl married to someone. matter will be solved.  Mama says what are you saying.. he is a good lawyer… he doesnot need me.. Suveer says if you wnat to help pls. help.. stop this drama.. too much you have said.. Mama says you should have thought that too much is done when you were drunk and raped that girl. Abeer says surender.

Amala is crying in hospital. Her Bhabhi says don’t do drama and stop crying and say who was it. She curses her. Her brother tells Amla to clam down. Doctors come and shout at Bhabhi for talking badly to Amla and ask her to go out. They ask her brother to go out to. Doctor says Amla has to talk to psychologist. Amla is crying badly. He says her to clam down and leaves.

Abeer says we should go and surrender. Mama says wow.. this is a mastermin.. once says marriage, other says surrender. Suveer syas are you mad, why should we go to jail for that girl. He asks Abeer to shut his moouth. Evan says i can’t face my father.

Suveer says mama it was not our fault, someone spiked out drinks with drugs. Mama yells at them for taking drugs. Suveer says we cannot change whta happened as we are not denying anything. he says lets find out solution. Mama asks where is the girl. He says that Abeer’s Maso found her and took her to Hospital as she found her first. Mama says Abeer’s masee is a woman of principles and support truth. Suveer says we should not talk to maso and talk to her parents directly. we will give them money and they will agree. Abeer leaves the discussion. the boys look for him. mama says why are you roaming around with Abeer. Abeer is emotional fool and if he says the truth you guys will be in trouble.

Amala’ss Bhabhi tells her husband to find out who is culprit. She says that Amla is having aaffair with someone who has done this. She sayys she is doing drama. Doctors try to talk to Amla and ask her to say everything and not think she is culprit. Bhabhi says Amla says dev dev everythime, dev has not come yet.. as he has got chance to break up with her now….she keeps cursing… a ring falls on the ground and she ties to her duppatta. Doctors come out. They stop Amla’s Bhabhi cannot go an meet her as she shouts at her. They allow her brother to go.

Amla’s Bhabhi looks at the ring. She recollects the rings belong to Malik family and gets happy. Abeer is walking on the road. Ambulance passes by him. He sees the hospital. Amla recollects her moments with Dev. Her borther asks what to you want to say. She asks for DEv. he says Dev will come.

Abeer comes to hospital and sees cops. He hides. They pass by. He goes towards Amla’s room and looks at her from door. Amla hears something dropped and sees Abeer at the door. She remembers Abeer fromlast night and starts screaming. Nurses and doctor come to see her. They try to clam her down. Abeer rushes out of hospital. Doctors inject her and put her to sleep. Abeer cries down on ground seeing her state.

episode ends.


Abeer’s Mam comes to Hospital. Doctor sees him. Amala’s Bhabhi comes to meet Malik family. Evan and others are shocked as entries family is sitting on dinner tabel.



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