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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18 April 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th April 2017 Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 18.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18 April 2017 episode starts with Abeer reaches Home. Maso is upset with him as she has asked him to come home early but he came late. She tells him you must be busy with you friends like their chamcha.He keeps complaining. Abeer shouts and tells her to stop talking.

Suveer gets up from dinner table worried. Mahi’s mother asks where are you going, He says i have some work, Mahi says let him go, he has busys ever since we have come here. Suveeer calls Viren and tells Mama that Amala’s Bhabhi is here and has taken papa inside to tlak about something. Viren says you don’t do anything until i come there.

Suveer goees to his father Mr. Malik. Mando says see you son has come, no ask him. Malik asks his son whta have you done. You see this, this is your ring, this was lost in the bathroom. He slaps him. Mahi comes there and asks what is wrog, why has uncle slapped you. Suveer says please leave me alone for some time,, she says but, she yells and asks her to leave. Evan takes her away.

Evan makes up a story. Mahi doesn’t believe and says why would uncle slap him for a little things. Evan says uncle is short tempered. She says my father has never insulted me in front of anyone, if he finds out he would cancel engagement. Evans says uncle and Suveer will patch up in 5 mins and be good again. He tells her to wait and leave.

Abeer is crying badly, His Masi asks what is wrong, you have never yelled at me before, are you taking out your friends’s anger on me, you seemed not good when you spoke on the phone i was worried for you, you came late… why are you not saying anything, i was worried also about the girl who was raped. That giel is in terrible state, who were the culprits who could do this to her…Abeer says i have not done anything. maso asks what, He says i have not done anything to the girl….maso is sshocked. she beats him,, abeer says i have not done anything.

Suveer tells his father that he was not alone. Evan, Viraj and Abeer were also there. He says aks mamaji. Viren says Malik i didn’t tell you anything as i was handling situation since morning. Suveer says Evan had drugged us. Suveer says why should i take all the blame alone. Mando says nice Malim you didn’t write one cheque you will now have to change the amount. Mando leaves. Viren says i will leave you to your place.

Dev is in his car coming back to Dharamshala and is in tears. Viren stops car on the road. Mando come sout to talk to Viren. Viren says that whatever happened i ma sorry, these days children cannot control. he says boys are immature, you are mature, he says lets avoid court and police. he says what if Suveer changes his statement in front of judge, then what will happen…She says what do you think you can tell me all these and take for a ride, Amla is my big witness. She says you worry about Malik and his son. Viren says m trying to find out solution so that things on’t drag. Sghe says now you get the point. She says you should have spoken first, you seem to the smartest person in family. he says let me drop you to hospital and we can talk on the way.

Abeer’s Masi says go to police now and leave now right now.. she curses him m not you masi and i have not brought up for this. she says i should have left you orphan. you have given so much pain to the girl. Why did you such a evil act to that girl. She says i cannot seee. if you are not going to police, i will call them. Abeer says i have not done anything, she says if you have not done then who,, has evan, suveer or viraj done this.. she thinks for a moment and realizes all of them have raped Amla. She says all you have done together. Abeer is crying and covers his hear from hearing anything. She keeps slaping him. She tells him to go and die somewhere. You will brun in hell. she says i will call the police now. She says i have to file complaint. Abeer disconnects line.

In hospital, Dev reaches to see Amla. Amla looks at him.


masi tells Abeer i will take you to police now. Dev tells his parents i will kill the culprits.






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