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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20 April 2017 Written Episode Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka Written Update, Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update 20.04.2017

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20 April 2017 episode starts with chaos at the police station. Police inspector lady tells Dev not to do tamasha as no one is caught in Amla rape case. a guy says so give culprit in their hands, they will teach a lesson. Village people are upset as a girl from village is raped, it can happen to other to others. Dev warns police lady. She says lets take him inside. His father says not to arrest him. She says we will talk to him, he is very angry.

Malik apologies to Mahi’s father that the lady ruined the dinner party. He says some money matter issue it was. Malik tells Suveer to say them goodbye. He touches his would be father in law feet. Mahi says i will call you later. She asks him if he wants she can stay back. He says no. She says please share any problems if you have.

Malik calls Viraj and Evan’s father to discuss. Suveer’s mother and others are worried about what is the matter. Raghu and Mando take Amala home. A nurse says you cannot take Amla without permission. Mando says we don’t want to talk to doctor. Nurse says she is still not recovered. She says you will have to sign the form to take Amla on your responsibly with doctors consent.  Mando signs it.

Malik says this is what is come down to. A small time lady is coming and blackmailing me. All because of this guys. He yells at Evan that you are the big brother. You want shares and business share. You always haad problem of being treated as big. Viren says at least the woman (Mando) is ready to talk to us. We don’t know how much will she take money from us as these four guys are there. One of these guys will have to take the entire blame on them. Thats the only solution. Everyone look at each other.

Police lady talks to Dev and says will you hit me. He says what are you looking at. When that thing happened to the girl, even i was losing my temper, but we have not found the culprit. She says you wait, we will have to find the culprit. Dev says go and catch the guy at Malik’s house. He will run away.

Doctor calls police that Amla’s Bhabi took Amala to home despite of us stopping her. She says even her finace (Dev) had come to meet Amla and created drama, maybe thats why they took her as he would hurt her.

Abeer says why are you looking at me. Why should i take the blame on me.. Viren says yes, why should he take the blame to save the rest three guys. These guys will roam free and he will have to take all trouble. Malik curses his son. Viraj Father’s curses him that he should forget his college dream in london and study in jail. Viren continues his emotional drama and says Abeer can save us. Abeer says i will not take full blame. Viren says i am by you side. he says if all four names come out then media will not leave Malik family name. They will says Maliks’ spoilt brats raped the poor girl. He says if you take blame alone, i can easily take you out. but if Malik name is involved then no one can save all of you, not even me. Abeer says why will i take blame, i don’t know if i did anything. Evan says what you don’t remember. Viraj says all of us were there, and we know what we did.

Viren says other potion is one of you has to marry her. Her family would be worried who would marry her and we can tell them not to do a case. The poor girl will also get support. Suveer says i am engaged. Viraj father says Viraj is just got admission to London College. Evan says i cannot marry and keep the girl happy. Evan says knew the girl and he also liked her. He says Abeer had only caught the girl first. If he would not hold her, then she would have ran away and all of this wouldn’t have happened. Viren tells Abeer that do you really like her. he says why didn;t you say earlier. How did you let his happened. I can imagine now what is going on with you.. if you really like the girl, you shouldn’t think.. marry her..otherwise you regreat all you life that the girl you liked, you have ruined her life. Think about the girl what will she do now, what if she does suicide.

Viren says these guys will rot for entire life as they have done evil act which will curse them entire life. He says God is giving you opportunity to make wrong into right. Abeer says why would she marry me. Viren says her family also wants this. I will talk to them. He says you can marry her and go to a big city. live a new life. We will take care of everything and you can also forget everything.


Abeer’s masi says why are you blaming Abeer only when all the three guys did it. Malik says the three boys were with uss.





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