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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23 May 2017 Written Episode, Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Update, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23 May 2017 episode starts with Abeer gets down the stuff from the truck. Amla, Mando and Karuna take the stuff from truck. Karuna asks Mando, till when Amla will be sad. Mando says something has happened between husband and wife and tells that if Abeer leaves her then she will be broken. Karuna looks on. Amla sees abeer and Bhao bringing her big box. She shouts asking him to stop. Mando says she has a problem with someone’s touch and says this box came here from pind. Bhao says he will take it inside.

Suveer is calling Mahi Evan says you have become romeo and says usually Mahi calls you like this. Suveer asks him to keep quiet. Evan teases him. Suveer says why she is cutting my call. Evan asks if you are bothered about the small news. Suveer says although it was a small news, but Mahi keeps on doubting on me. Bhao and Mando keep the box in Amla’s room. Amla looks at the box and recalls Dev making it.

A fb is shown, Amla comes to Dev’s house and calls Pushpa. Dev asks her to come and says he is making sapnon ka pitara of a girl. Amla asks which girl. Dev says there is some girl. Amla says she came to talk to Pushpa and is about to go. Dev tells her that he made this box for her and loves her very much. Amla asks him to give tiffin to Pushpa. Dev asks her to sit and says he will take care of this girl and says I thought I have to tell her today else that will be jealous. He proposes Amla holding her hand and says we will keep our dreams in this box. Amla shyly laughs and hugs him. Fb ends. Amla gets sad and touches the box.

Suveer tells Evan that he convinced Mahi with much difficulty and says now he has to convince her again, why she is cutting my call. He says I want to end her insecurities. He says he will preponed the wedding and it will be damn romantic. Evan says one sided love. Suveer says when Mahi questions, I get scared. If I tell her anything then. Evan says she will be with you 24 hours after marriage and if you tell her then, her father will kill you. Suveer gets tensed. Evan says Manwinder Singh is a powerful man, nobody will know if he get you murdered. He will make you sit in private jet and made it crash. Suveer gets tensed and says you watch films much. Eva laughs.

Mando tells Raghu that hotel room is best than this house. Raghu asks shall make lassi. Amla asks what she shall make. Raghu says he will make lassi for her. Mando gets happy and asks him to sit. She says we will decide first who will stay where and says we have a man at home to keep the things in respective rooms. Karuna asks her to see if everything is unloaded. Mando says if there is anything left then Abeer will bring. She asks him to keep their stuff in her room.

Viren comes to Rishan’s house and asks about Pallavi. Servant informs him that Pallavi is not eating anything and is quite upset. Viren asks her not to worry and goes to talk to Pallavi. He goes to her room and asks Pallavi to get up. Pallavi says I am unwell. Viren asks her not to go in depression. Pallavi says I don’t want to live, wants to die, I can’t face anyone. Viren says now everything is fine. Manwinder agreed for marriage. Pallavi says what about that girl. Mahi can forgive him, but I will never forgive Suveer. Suveer gets a message from Mahi and she apologizes for not picking the call as she was in class.

Suveer takes a sigh of relief. Evan sees Rasika and asks for her help in the project. Rasika says she will later. Suveer asks Evan if he is flirting with Rasika. Evan says no and says you have become romeo in Mahi’s love. Pallavi tells that everything here belongs to Rishan, but Suveer was mine. I have given birth to an animal. Viren tells that they have given enough money to Amla and Abeer and they are moving on without any pain then why you are feeling pain. She asks her to move on and tells that he is hungry. Pallavi cries badly.

Mando makes Abeer keep the stuff in room. Bhao offers help, but Mando makes him quiet. Mando asks Abeer to keep stuff in Amla and Mannu’s room, but Amla stops him from entering to her room.

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24 May 2017 Precap:

Annie gives her visiting card to Dev and asks him to call her if he finds difficulty to get stay. Karuna tells Amla that she will also come with them to see fish. In the market, Abeer protects Raghu and bashes the seller for calling him mad.



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