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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25 April 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th April 2017 Written Update, Kya Kasur Hai Amala Ka Written Episode 25.04.2017

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25 April 2017 episode starts with Dev’s  father says to forget Amla as she is spoiled now. Dev says I loved her since childhood. Dev’s friend tells uncle to stop. Dad leaves.

Abeer is walking lonely in the same place. Dev’s friend tells him everything will be fine. Dev says leave me alone.

Abeer reaches the place where Amla was raped. He looks at the wing and starts crying with guilt. Someone is keeping watch on Abeer from behind a tree.

Raghu asks Amla are you crying again. Amla asks Raghu what is my fault. Raghu says I will also cry with you. Amla keeps asking for Dev.

Mando swears and tells Viren that the police lady Neeru is so strict and talks like a guy cop. Viren gets a call. He gets out of car and tells Mando to be silent. Viren calls and answers malik’s says that the police Neeru is very tough lady and will be difficult to handle. Malim says I don’t care but make sure that this incdent’s dirt doesnot come on our family. Viren says what do you think I am doing since morning, I will handle.

Malik’s wife tells him that all of this will not get handled easily. She says I will never forget what Suveer has done. Malik says don’t go on emotional tangent. He says this is all Evan’s fault. He went out of control. She says Suveer is not a child. You cant put all blame on Evan

Mando introduces Viren. Amla says will you arrest all the four guys. Viren is shocked. I have told Mando. She says while tempering. Mando says you are saying anything. Liesten to Viren says. Viren tells amla when a person in trauma, he doesn’t lnow what he said. He says you don’t remember, that day it was only one guy. If you blame other guys, they will put a case on your family, where will your brother and Bhabhi get money to fight the case. He says only one guy was there. Amla says it was not one guy but all four. She insists. Viren is worried. He uses ther angle to inflrunce Amla. He says I have heard you love Dev a lot. She says what happened to Dev. He says his gone crazy and will do something wrong. She says they were Malik’s sons. Viren says don’t take so many names, Dev will start killing everyone. He was anyays crazy last night and had to be jailed. He says he is out now, but stop taking these names otherwise Dev will kill you and the guys. Do you want him to be jailed? She says no, He says then do what we are saying.

Malik asks his Evan’s father where is Abeer. He says he left. He shouts at him. Evan’s father says don’t yell at me. I know how to handle this situation better than you. We cannot hold Abeer and keep. Malik leaves.

Amla says why would Dev kill me? He loves me? Raghu says if dosenot say the truth, then the culprits will be free. Viren says if you say something about guys, then Dev will do things and you will be blamed.

Mando says let me explain. She says you have lost Dev, you can never marry him. Viren is here to help us. He has found out a guy who wants to marry you. Which guy would agree to marry you, but he is ready. Amla says but how can I marry. Mando says oh, I forgot you dreamt of marrying Dev in your dream house. But you lost you dreams near the lake (rape place). He will never marry. Amla cries and leaves. Viren says .. make her understand. I odn’t want het her to take Malik family name.

Mando runs out. Amla is vomittung. She says already you have made things dirty, do more now. She says what you think Dev will marry you, he won’t. No one will marry you. Do one thing, eat poison and we will die with you.

Dev in is the dream house and he remembers about his dreams with Amla and Dev. He cries and says Amla you have finished everything.

Raghu says Amla will not marry without her will. Viren says Amla is a child still. The society will not let her live. No one will apply mehendi and order sweets. People will not let you all stay. Will you make you family die out of hunger for your sister’s sake? Mando says we cannot stay here now and have to leave Dharamshala and this place. Raghu asks will have to leave the house? Viren says you will go to Mumbai. Amla Overhears about this and is shocked to hear Mumbai. 

Mando is happy to hear Mumbai. Viren says you son will be in good school, Dev will not be behind Amla. You will be happy. Raghu asks about the guy who wants to marry. Viren says he is very good and will keep Amala like queen. Mando says Raghu i have taken care of Amla since childhood. I will think good of her though people say i speak rudely. She says let me explain you. She says people of this village will not let her leave. What will you answer to you father. She says she will go to new city she can live in fresh air, it is not easy to leave the city, but we will do for Amla. She says you are big brother, you convince your sister. Poilce van siren is heard. Viren says police syas they have come for Amala’s statement. He tells Mando to make Amla understand about statement to give. She goes inside and Amala is not in the house. She is worried. 

Dev is burning down his dream house. Amla runs on the road to go towards the dream house. Dev is putting kerosene on the house reaclling his memories with Amala. He looks at it one final time and burns it with matchstick. 


Everyone is gathered to see house on fire. Amla calls out Dev loudly seeing house on fire, he ignores and walks past her. She screams his name out of pain. 


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