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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 30 May 2017 Written Episode, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka WU

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update 30th May 2017, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30 May 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 30 May 2017 episode starts with Amla comes to kitchen. Karuna is making tea and asks her if she will drink special tea which she is making? Amla looks at Abeer sitting outside. Karuna asks until when she will punish her. Mando comes to kitchen and collides with Amla. She scolds her. Amla replies to her and goes. Karuna asks Mando to drink herbal tea. Mando takes a sip and doesn’t like it. Karuna says it is good for health and get good thinking and make heart clean. Mando says then you need it most. They have a verbal argument. Mando brings herbal tea for Raghu. Raghu says it is bitter. Mando says Karuna said that it is good for health. Raghu says then I will ask her to make it daily for milk. Mando is drinking milk and on seeing Abeer, she tells that she is making it normal for Mannu.

Amla and Mannu play with the water. Abeer looks at her from far. Amla covers her feet. Abeer goes to his outhouse room and tells she covers herself as if I will take advantage of her innocence and says I am not an animal. He cries and recalls Evan’s words.

Viren calls Abeer and thinks he has to keep an eye on him, else Rishan will caught him. He calls Abeer. Abeer is hammering the table. Receptionist calls Viren and tells Dev to wait for few mins. He goes inside the cabin. Receptionist calls Security.

Dev enters Viren’s cabin and hears him taking abeer’s name. Security stops him. Viren disconnects the call and tells Security that Dev is his friend. Dev says I heard Abeer’s name from your mouth. Viren tells that I talked to Suveer. Dev asks him to give Abeer’s number. Viren says I don’t have his number. Dev asks him to take from Suveer. Viren says I will ask him. Dev says they are here in Mumbai. Viren acts as he doesn’t know. Dev says it is written on your face and tells that everyone knows that you got them married. Viren says this is the difference that you people believe on the stories and goes to bring Abeer’s number. He thinks what to do now.

Amla sprays powder on Mannu. Mannu says no Bua. Raghu says you are like Bua. Mannu tries to tickle her. Amla collides with Abeer and gets upset.

Viren comes to Rishan and tells that Dev came here. Rishan is shocked. Suveer asks how? Rishan asks what is he doing here and who gave our address to him. Viren says he came insearch of Amla and it is not difficult to search us, we have a big company. Suveer asks what work he has with Abeer. Viren says he came to take revenge on Abeer. Rishan says let them fight, our work will be done, if one gets killed and other goes to jail.

Viren says what you are saying? I can’t believe. He says if anything like that happens then case will reopen and tells that if we couldn’t control the investigation then what will happen. He asks how many reporters we will buy. Dev will not leave us if he comes to know about the truth. We can’t give him Abeer’s number and says it is too dangerous. He says let him search the number. Rishan asks how did he reach you. Viren says everyone knows that I am Suveer’s Mama. He tells that Dev is difficult to handle. Rishan asks him to be careful. Suveer and Evan get shocked.

Viren comes back and tells Dev if he is not offered tea by his secretary. Dev says I just wants number. Viren tells that he couldn’t get number as Rishan got the number deleted from his sons’ phones. Dev says he did right. Viren says Abeer did wrong with Amla and now they came here, as you said. Dev says atleast you tried. Viren says I can understand your pain and gives his number. Dev says ok, we will meet and goes. Viren looks on tensed.

Mando is singing song while Abeer is repairing the house with Raghu’s help. Raghu tells him that Mando is dancing happily. Mando gets angry on the fan and complains to Raghu. Raghu says you were singing now happily. Mando says it is difficult to stay here. Abeer asks Maaso to bring fan’s oil. Karuna asks Amla if she saw the oil to be put in the fan.

Dev calls on the number which Viren gave as his. He gets to know that it is wrong number. He thinks it is good that I took your number by myself. A fb is shown, Dev sees Viren’s phone and dials on his number to save his number, thinking even Anisha did this. He then sees Abeer’s number and saves it, keeps phone back at its place. He thinks I have a way to reach Amla.

Dev calls Abeer. Abeer asks who are you. Dev says you are asking me who am I? after ruining my life. He says I found your number and will find you also, promises to kill him, the moment he sees him. Abeer gets tensed.


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