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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 04 April 2017 Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 04th April 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update 4 April 2017

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 04.03.2017 episode starts with Amla tells Dev that anyone can come and see them. Dev says nobody will come. Dev’s mum Pushpa comes and asks what is happening here. Amla and Dev are shocked to see her. Pushpa tells Dev that you will forget your Maayi after your marriage. She says I used to praised Amla, but she lied to her mum like saas. She scolds Amla for telling Mher that Mandu gave work to her. She says you are romancing here and asks we were fools. Dev asks Amla not to worry and says Maayi’s anger will go soon. Amla asks him to drop her home.

Viraj, Surveen and Yuvaan come out of airport. Abeer is waiting for them. Viraj hugs him. Surveer asks who have invited this stepni. Yuvaan says we came to dharmshala to chill and have to hangout here with stepni. Surveen says we came here to chill and says whenever we are drunk, stepni drives the car. We shall know how to use him. They greet each other with a hug and talk sweetly with Abeer. They sit in Abeer’s jeep. Abeer drives it. They see some girls walking on the road and tease the girls. Girls fall down. Abeer says they have fallen, I will go and help them. They stop him and laughs.

Dev drops Amla home. Amla is quite worried and tensed. Dev says your house came. Mannu comes and greets Dev, calls him phupha ji. He asks what did you bring for me. Abeer drops Surveer and Yuvaan at a guest house and goes to drop Viraj at his house.

Mandu asks Dev to come and have tea. He refuses. She gets Maiya’s call and asks Dev to talk. Dev refuses and goes. Mandu picks the call and is shocked. Abeer thinks about Amla and smiles. Viraj asks why you are smiling alone and asks him to tell the joke. Abeer says he met a girl on the way. Viraj says you are grown up. Viraj says her dupatta was stuck to my jeep, I freed it and she ran and climbed on to the bus. He says she was very cute. Viraj asks didn’t you ask her name. Abeer says no.

Viraj says you are good, but slow. We will take care. He asks him to have drink. Abeer refuses. Viraj asks him to learn to say yes. Viraj gets Surveer’s call and says I am feeling bad, but you have to get engaged now. Surveen asks him to come, but don’t bring stepni Abeer. Viraj says so you called to ask me to bring Abeer and says I will bring him. Abeer refuses to go. Surveer gets upset and asks him not to bring him. Viraj asks Abeer to come.

Mandu comes to Amla and says you might be thinking about Dev, and must have thought to romance with him if Maayi hadn’t interfere. She asks who started it all and asks her not to be pregnant before marriage. She says may be you will have a child during pheras. She then scolds Amla and says you have ruined my name. If your marriage breaks then hear old songs on radio. Amla is upset. Mandu taunts her and says don’t tell me then that I haven’t make you understand.

Surveer parents are in the car. They tell that they have reached the resort. Abeer’s aunt Karuna stops her bike and get down to stop the car. She asks driver why he is pressing horn again and again and scaring the birds. Surveen’s dad says so you are here, and says some things are same in this place. Karuna says it will be and asks driver not to ring horn again. Surveer’s mum says her attitude is same. Viren says she has stopped 50 crores project. Surveen’s father asks her to call for engagement and says she is an emotional fool and is concerned for birds. He asks him to call her through her nephew Abeer.

Mandu continues to taunt Amla and says let your bhau come, I will tell him. She taunts her. Amla cries and breaks down.

They reach resort. Viren says you knows how to use people. They greet each other and ask about the flight. Bhai Saheb tells Pallavi that dharmshala will be cold only. Surveer’s dad asks where did you arrange place for Manwinder’s stay. Bhai Saheb says he has booked a cottage for him. Surveer’s dad asks him to use his mind and says this marriage is happening so that we can come closer to Manwinder and can make a good business association. He asks who is staying beside my room. Bhai Saheb says I….Surveer’s dad asks him to shift to other room and make Maninder change his room. He taunts Bhai Saheb and says even now I have to make him understand. Yuvaan hears him and gets angry.

Dev’s mum Pushpa complains to her husband that she went home to see, and got to see Amla and Dev romancing there. She says she lied to me. Dev comes there. Bhau comes home. Mandu tells him that Pushpa called. She asks him to ask Amla. Bhau says okay. Mandu tells that she called and said that……

Dev asks Pushpa what is it? She says this is sagai’s shagun. She asks him to return Amla’s stuff and says I don’t want such bahu who lies to her saas. She says I am breaking this marriage. Dev is shocked. Pushpa looks on angry.


Yuvaan asks his dad how can he get insulted and controlled by his younger brother. He says he can do the same thing with me, but this is not going to happen. Pallavi asks resort staff about mehendi designer. She takes Amla’s name. Amla tells Bhau that Dev will convince Maayi. Pushpa says she don’t want such bahu who is controlling her son.


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