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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 12 May 2015, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th May 2017 Written Update, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 12 May 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12 May 2017 Written Episode starts with Amla sees and identifies him as one of the rapist. Evan sees her and hides. Amla goes to washroom hearing Abeer coming to hotel room. Abeer comes inside and locks the room. He understands she is in washroom and tells that he was just checking if she is here. He checks the packet and thinks she didn’t have anything which I brought. Viren comes to the newspaper office and meets editor. He tells that his clients were in the resort with their family and confronts him for publishing wrong news. He says you gave tip off. Editor asks him to file case and says I will give statement in court. Viren asks why do you want to have enmity with Rishan Malik. Siddharth says he is not afraid of any storm. Viren says I will see you and goes.

Karuna comes to Kiran’s house and greets her. She avoids her. She then later goes to Sheetal’s house, but she also avoids her. Mahi tells Suveer that that Amla applied mehendi to her hand that day. She says her bhabhi was also with her and tells that she was strange, but that girl was so sweet. She says you people were not there all night and then when you returned, you were so nervous. She says something had happened? Suveer tells Mahi that girl was Abeer’s girlfriend and married him. Mahi says this can’t happen and tells that she was engaged to someone else. She says he wasn’t Abeer. Suveer tells that there was so complication in their relationship and tells that he is really hurt as she is holding him responsible.

Karuna comes to Gayatri’s house, but also ignores her. Karuna is shocked to see her patients’ behavior. Her husband Rawat comes and refuses to take the medicine. Karuna says he is innocent. Rawat accuses Abeer and tells you have made him escaped. Karuna says Abeer is innocent and asks him to read today’s newspaper. Rawat insults her. Karuna says you shall be ashamed and tells that it is useless to talk to them. She says you have made the case without knowing the truth and leaves.

Rishan tells Manwinder’s wife that someone is after them and is jealous to see his son getting married in a rich family. He tells it is a fake rumour which is spreading . Suveer tells Mahi that some guy was inbetween them. He asks do you really think that I will do such thing with my friend’s girl friend infront of them and asks if Abeer is stupid to marry the girl who was rape victim. Mahi says if someone is trying to trap someone then there must be some basis, and tells that she is doubtful. Suveer says if you don’t trust me then we shall not marry. Manwinder comes in his car. He shows newspaper to Rishan and says your work is published in the newspaper and nobody can stop the news from publishing in every news paper. Rishan says this is all lie. Manwinder asks him to do something and says I know you have understood.

Nigitai asks Karuna if Dev came here. Karuna tells that Dev is not alone in this city to insult me, and tells that her patients hurt her. Nigitai tells that people forget the goodness and remember the bad things. Karuna tells that they used to love and respect me, but now they have slapped on my face. Nigitai asks her not to cry for them. Karuna says she is staying around them in this valley, and says her life is in these roots. Nigitai asks him to think about orphaned boy for whom she has lived and asks her to stay with him. He tells that Abeer is all alone now, leave these people and city to Abeer. Karuna looks on.

Dev tells Sultan that Viren is making it all complicated and tells that Malik’s sons are involved. Sultan says everyone know that the girl betrayed you. Dev says don’t fool me. Sultan asks him to forget Amla and move on in life. Dev says Amla and tells that he loved her since childhood and had all dreams with her. There is no dreams left now. Sultan says all dreams were fake and that girl was also fake. He tells Dev that girls are two facets. He asks if you want to have someone’s leftover thing and says if she was yours, she would have stayed rather than eloping with Abeer. Dev looks on.

Bhao scolds Abeer. Dev tells that he will forget that night and also Amla.


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