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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 16 May 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th May 2017 Written Update, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update 16 May 2017, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16 May 2017 episode starts with Amla asks Mannu to play and says she don’t want to play. Mannu asks her to play. Abeer gets Karuna’s call. Mando calls Abeer as he goes to talk to Karuna. She buys bhajiya and tells Raghu that Abeer is not talking to Amla since morning. He says he will leave Amla one day. She says let me hear him. Raghu asks Mando not to hear the talks. Hema tells Pallavi that her tea is getting cold. Pallavi says her heart is shaken up thinking about Amla and says I can’t talk to Manwinder. Hema asks her not to think this way. Pallavi says I have lost. Hema says everything will be fine. Rishan comes and says it is a limit now, Evan didn’t submit the tender. He asks if you will file tender. Raunaq says he is busy handling home affairs and don’t want Manwinder to know about the incident. They have a heated argument. Raunaq asks him not to handle everything alone. Rishan says someone have to handle it anyhow. Raunaq says I let you go to foreign for studies as I back off. Rishan insults Raunaq. Raunaq says I have bear enough till now. Pallavi says I am suffocating here and you both are discussing who is big in business. She folds her hands and asks Raunaq to be quiet being elder and says you know that Rishan will not keep quiet.

Abeer talks to Karuna. Karuna tells him that Nigitai’s friend made arrangement for their stay in Mumbai. She says I am leaving today. Abeer says you are coming today. Karuna says I have no place here and says I can’t stay here without you. Abeer says but Maaso. Karuna says where ever you are, I will be there. Abeer thinks Karuna is coming here, but he has to stay with Amla.

Hema says Pallavi is right, if we keep fighting here then how we will solve the issue. Viren comes and says it is sorted. He shows the apology letter posted in the newspaper daily of dharamshala. Rishan laughs and asks how did happen? Viren says this all was done by Raunaq. He says Dharamshala daily was Raunaq’s friend and he made him understand and sent money to the reporter also. Viren says you have done wonder. Raunaq says we are useless in this family. Rishan apologizes to him. Raunaq asks Rishan to tell Manwinder that his name is not involved. Rishan hugs Viren and says well done.

Mando asks Amla what she will do in the city. Amla says we will do something. Mando insults her and says they don’t have money. Raghu says we have to stay with Abeer, I don’t know anything. Raghu sees Mannu going in the water and goes to stops him. Rishan scolds someone and tells Suveer and Evan that their mistake costed high. Suveer and Evan sign each other. Rishan asks when is Mahi coming. Suveer says next week. Viren asks him to keep Mahi away from viraj and says everything will be sorted once he goes. Rishan says he is talking to you also. Evan. Evan says ok. Viren tells Rishan to let them go. Rishan says he needs to scold them everytime. Viren says have a good day and goes.

Mando asks Amla why she is angry. Amla says she don’t want to talk to her. She says why shall I talk to you and says you are a liar. Raghu brings Mannu back. Mando sees him and starts acting. She says I did a mistake to take care of you. Raghu asks what happened? Mando says your sister is having problem with me, and says if we have stayed there, people used to taunt her and make her die. She tells that she will jump in the river and die. Raghu calls her. Mando thinks nobody is stopping her. Raghu runs to rescue her. Mando sits on the sea shore. Raghu runs and asks her to come. Mando says if I die, then your sister will feel peace. Raghu scolds her. Mando says Amla taunted her. Raghu asks what did you tell to Mando and asks her to apologize to her. Amla asks him to calm down. Raghu asks her to apologize. Amla apologizes to her. Raghu says what I would have done if anything happens to her. Abeer comes there and looks shocked seeing Mando’s drama. Amla takes them from there.


Abeer informs that his Maaso is coming to Mumbai. Mando asks where she will stay. Abeer says she will stay with me. Mando says now we have to take care of her expenses too. Dev meets a beautiful girl at the dhaba.


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